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HONEST, adjective. (of a person or institution) Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth; not given to swindling, lying, or fraud; upright.
HONEST, adjective. (of a statement) True, especially as far as is known by the person making the statement; fair; unbiased.
HONEST, adjective. In good faith; without malice.
HONEST, adjective. (of a measurement device) Accurate.
HONEST, adjective. Authentic; full.
HONEST, adjective. Earned or acquired in a fair manner.
HONEST, adjective. Open; frank.
HONEST, adjective. (obsolete) Decent; honourable; suitable; becoming.
HONEST, adjective. (obsolete) Chaste; faithful; virtuous.
HONEST, verb. (obsolete) To adorn or grace; to honour; to make becoming, appropriate, or honourable.
HONEST, adverb. (colloquial) Honestly; really.
HONEST ABE, noun. A forthright and honest person.
HONEST BROKER, noun. A person or party that is considered to be neutral and able to mediate between two parties.
HONEST INJUN, interjection. (US) (humorous) (now) (sometimes offensive) A phrase used to emphasize the truth of something.
HONEST INJUN, noun. (US) (humorous) (now) (sometimes offensive) One who is honest.
HONEST INJUNS, noun. Plural of honest injun
HONEST TO GOD, adjective. Alternative form of honest-to-God
HONEST TO GOD, adverb. Honest; truly, really; used to emphasize that a statement is true.
HONEST TO GOD, adverb. Truly, really.
HONEST TO GODS, adverb. (rare) (neologism) Alternative form of honest to God
HONEST TO GOODNESS, adverb. Honest; truly, really; used to emphasize that a statement is true.
HONEST TO GOODNESS, adjective. Alternative form of honest-to-goodness

Dictionary definition

HONEST, adjective. Not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent; "honest lawyers"; "honest reporting".
HONEST, adjective. Without dissimulation; frank; "my honest opinion".
HONEST, adjective. Worthy of being depended on; "a dependable worker"; "an honest working stiff"; "a reliable sourcSFLe of information"; "he was true to his word"; "I would be true for there are those who trust me".
HONEST, adjective. Without pretensions; "worked at an honest trade"; "good honest food".
HONEST, adjective. Marked by truth; "gave honest answers"; "honest reporting".
HONEST, adjective. Not forged; "a good dollar bill".
HONEST, adjective. Gained or earned without cheating or stealing; "an honest wage"; "an fair penny".

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