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EFFICIENT, adjective. Making good, thorough, or careful use of resources; not consuming extra. Especially, making good use of time or energy.
EFFICIENT, adjective. Expressing the proportion of consumed energy that was successfully used in a process; the ratio of useful output to total input.
EFFICIENT, adjective. Causing effects, producing results; bringing into being; initiating change. (Rare except in philosophical and legal expression efficient cause = causative factor or agent.)
EFFICIENT, adjective. (proscribed, old use) Effective.
EFFICIENT CAUSE, noun. (philosophy) (natural science) The being or event which physically brings about the change or motion that produces another occurrence or thing.

Dictionary definition

EFFICIENT, adjective. Being effective without wasting time or effort or expense; "an efficient production manager"; "efficient engines save gas".
EFFICIENT, adjective. Able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively; "people who will do nothing unless they get something out of it for themselves are often highly effective persons..."-G.B.Shaw; "effective personnel"; "an efficient secretary"; "the efficient cause of the revolution".

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