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RENEWABLE, adjective. Able to be renewed; capable of renewal.
RENEWABLE, adjective. (of a resource) Sustainable; able to be regrown or renewed; having an ongoing or continuous source of supply; not finite.
RENEWABLE, noun. A thing that is renewable; especially, a renewable source of energy.
RENEWABLE, noun. A renewable resource.
RENEWABLE ENERGY, noun. Energy that can be replenished at the same rate as it is used.
RENEWABLE RESOURCE, noun. A natural resource such that it is replenished by natural processes at a rate comparable to its rate of consumption by humans or other users.
RENEWABLE RESOURCES, noun. Plural of renewable resource

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RENEWABLE, adjective. That can be renewed or extended; "a renewable lease"; "renewable subscriptions".
RENEWABLE, adjective. Capable of being renewed; replaceable; "renewable energy such as solar energy is theoretically inexhaustible".

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