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RECYCLE, verb. (transitive) To break down and reuse component materials.
RECYCLE, verb. (transitive) To reuse as a whole.
RECYCLE, verb. (transitive) To collect or place in a bin for recycling.
RECYCLE, verb. (intransitive) (ergative) To be recycled.
RECYCLE BIN, noun. A container in which items to be recycled may be placed.
RECYCLE BIN, noun. (computing) In Microsoft Windows, a storage location for deleted files, from which they can be retrieved or permanently deleted.
RECYCLE BINS, noun. Plural of recycle bin
RECYCLE MAN, noun. A man whose job it is to pick up recyclables from people's homes.
RECYCLE TRUCK, noun. A truck used to pick up recyclables from people's houses.

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RECYCLE, verb. Cause to repeat a cycle.
RECYCLE, verb. Use again after processing; "We must recycle the cardboard boxes".

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