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CONTINUOUSLY, adverb. Without pause.
CONTINUOUSLY HABITABLE ZONE, noun. (astrobiology) (astronomy) the restricted zone around a sun where the ever shifting habitable zone is always present throughout the main sequence lifetime of that star.
CONTINUOUSLY HABITABLE ZONES, noun. Plural of continuously habitable zone
CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION, noun. (automotive) Any of several forms of transmission, without specific gears, in which the gear ratio may be changed without any noticeable steps.
CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSIONS, noun. Plural of continuously variable transmission

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CONTINUOUSLY, adverb. At every point; "The function is continuously differentiable".
CONTINUOUSLY, adverb. With unflagging resolve; "dance inspires him ceaselessly to strive higher and higher toward the shining pinnacle of perfection that is the goal of every artiste".

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