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INJECT, verb. (transitive) To push or pump (something, especially fluids) into a cavity or passage.
INJECT, verb. (transitive) To introduce (something) suddenly or violently.
INJECT, verb. (transitive) To administer an injection to (someone or something), especially of medicine or drugs.
INJECT, verb. (intransitive) To take or be administered something by means of injection, especially medicine or drugs.
INJECT, verb. (transitive) (computing) To introduce (code) into an existing program or its memory space, often without tight integration and sometimes through a security vulnerability.
INJECT, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To cast or throw; used with on.

Dictionary definition

INJECT, verb. Give an injection to; "We injected the glucose into the patient's vein".
INJECT, verb. To introduce (a new aspect or element); "He injected new life into the performance".
INJECT, verb. Force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing; "inject hydrogen into the balloon".
INJECT, verb. Take by injection; "inject heroin".
INJECT, verb. Feed intravenously.
INJECT, verb. To insert between other elements; "She interjected clever remarks".

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