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NEEDLE, noun. A long, thin, sharp implement usually for piercing such as sewing, or knitting, acupuncture, tattooing, body piercing, medical injections etc.
NEEDLE, noun. Any slender, pointed object resembling a needle, such as a pointed crystal, a sharp pinnacle of rock, an obelisk, etc.
NEEDLE, noun. A long, thin device for indicating measurements on a dial or graph, e.g. a compass needle.
NEEDLE, noun. A sensor for playing phonograph records, a phonograph stylus.
NEEDLE, noun. A long, pointed leaf found on some conifers.
NEEDLE, noun. (informal) (usually preceded by the) The death penalty carried out by lethal injection.
NEEDLE, verb. To pierce with a needle, especially for sewing or acupuncture.
NEEDLE, verb. (transitive) To tease in order to provoke; to poke fun at.
NEEDLE, verb. (transitive) To form in the shape of a needle.
NEEDLE BAR, noun. The reciprocating bar to which the needle of a sewing machine is attached.
NEEDLE BEAM, noun. The horizontal cross timber which goes through the wall or a pier, and upon which the weight of the wall rests, when a building is shored up to enable alterations in the lower part.
NEEDLE BEARING, noun. A type of roller bearing in which the load-bearing elements are longish, thin, cylindrical pins.
NEEDLE DICK, noun. (slang) (vulgar) A tiny penis
NEEDLE DICK, noun. (slang) (vulgar) A man with a tiny penis, usually used as a disparaging form of address
NEEDLE DICKS, noun. Plural of needle dick
NEEDLE FURZE, noun. Genista anglica, a shrubby flowering plant of the family Fabaceae.
NEEDLE GUN, noun. A firearm that has a needle-like firing pin
NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK, noun. (idiomatic) Something that is difficult or impossible to locate; something impossibly complex or intractable.
NEEDLE LACE, noun. A form of lace made using a needle and thread.
NEEDLE LOOM, noun. A loom in which the weft thread is carried through the shed by a long eye-pointed needle instead of by a shuttle.
NEEDLE ORE, noun. Aikinite
NEEDLE PARK, noun. A park where sterilized needles are made available to recreational drug users.
NEEDLE SHELL, noun. A sea urchin.
NEEDLE SPAR, noun. Aragonite
NEEDLE TELEGRAPH, noun. A telegraph in which the signals are given by the deflections of a magnetic needle to the right or to the left of a certain position.
NEEDLE TIME, noun. The limit on the amount of airplay of recorded music in any given 24 hour period.
NEEDLE VALVE, noun. A type of valve having a small orifice and a needle-like plunger, allowing precise regulation of generally small flow rates.
NEEDLE VALVES, noun. Plural of needle valve

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NEEDLE, noun. The leaf of a conifer.
NEEDLE, noun. A slender pointer for indicating the reading on the scale of a measuring instrument.
NEEDLE, noun. A sharp pointed implement (usually steel).
NEEDLE, noun. A stylus that formerly made sound by following a groove in a phonograph record.
NEEDLE, verb. Goad or provoke,as by constant criticism; "He needled her with his sarcastic remarks".
NEEDLE, verb. Prick with a needle.

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