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SEWING, verb. Present participle of sew
SEWING, noun. The action of the verb to sew.
SEWING, noun. Something that is being or has been sewn.
SEWING CIRCLE, noun. A social meeting of women, who congregate to sew and talk together.
SEWING LOUNGE, noun. (US) A commercial space where people may sew, or learn to sew, as members of a community; equipment and tuition is normally available
SEWING MACHINE, noun. Any mechanical or electromechanical device used to stitch cloth or other material; normally uses two threads to form lock stitches
SEWING MACHINES, noun. Plural of sewing machine
SEWING NEEDLE, noun. A dragonfly or damselfly.
SEWING NEEDLES, noun. Plural of sewing needle
SEWING ROOM, noun. A room in a home set aside for sewing.
SEWING UP, verb. Present participle of sew up

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SEWING, noun. Joining or attaching by stitches.
SEWING, noun. Needlework on which you are working with needle and thread; "she put her sewing back in the basket".

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