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BAKING, verb. Present participle of bake
BAKING, adjective. Intended for use in baking.
BAKING, adjective. (figuratively) Of a person, the weather, or an object, very hot.
BAKING, noun. An action in which something is baked
BAKING, noun. The way in which something is baked
BAKING BOARD, noun. A board on which the dough is kneaded before baking into bread
BAKING BOARDS, noun. Plural of baking board
BAKING PAPER, noun. Parchment paper
BAKING PARCHMENT, noun. Parchment paper
BAKING POWDER, noun. A dry leavening agent used in baking; a mixture of baking soda, an acid (often cream of tartar) and starch to keep it dry; when wetted, carbon dioxide is released
BAKING SHEET, noun. Sheet pan, baking tray
BAKING SODA, noun. Common name for sodium bicarbonate.
BAKING STONE, noun. A flat cooking surface, typically stone or ceramic, used in an oven for baking.
BAKING STONES, noun. Plural of baking stone
BAKING TRAY, noun. (cookware) An oven-proof metallic tray used to hold foods in the oven.
BAKING TRAYS, noun. Plural of baking tray

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BAKING, noun. Making bread or cake or pastry etc..
BAKING, noun. Cooking by dry heat in an oven.
BAKING, adjective. As hot as if in an oven.

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