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GRATE, noun. A horizontal metal grille through which water, ash, or small objects can fall, while larger objects cannot.
GRATE, noun. A frame or bed, or kind of basket, of iron bars, for holding fuel while burning.
GRATE, verb. (transitive) To furnish with grates; to protect with a grating or crossbars.
GRATE, verb. (transitive) (cooking) To shred things, usually foodstuffs, by rubbing across a grater.
GRATE, verb. (intransitive) To rub against, making a (usually unpleasant) squeaking sound.
GRATE, verb. (by extension) (intransitive) To grate on one’s nerves; to irritate or annoy.
GRATE, verb. (by extension) (transitive) (obsolete) To annoy.
GRATE, adjective. (obsolete) Serving to gratify; agreeable.

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GRATE, noun. A frame of iron bars to hold a fire.
GRATE, noun. A harsh rasping sound made by scraping something.
GRATE, noun. A barrier that has parallel or crossed bars blocking a passage but admitting air.
GRATE, verb. Furnish with a grate; "a grated fireplace".
GRATE, verb. Gnaw into; make resentful or angry; "The injustice rankled her"; "his resentment festered".
GRATE, verb. Reduce to small shreds or pulverize by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surface; "grate carrots and onions"; "grate nutmeg".
GRATE, verb. Make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together; "grate one's teeth in anger".
GRATE, verb. Scratch repeatedly; "The cat scraped at the armchair".

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