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ONION, noun. A monocotyledonous plant (Allium cepa), allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice.
ONION, noun. The bulb of such a plant.
ONION, noun. (uncountable) The genus as a whole.
ONION, noun. (obsolete baseball slang) A ball.
ONION, noun. (colloquial) (chiefly archaic) A person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent.
ONION BOOTY, noun. (slang) Large, attractive female buttocks.
ONION DOME, noun. (architecture) An onion-shaped dome, characteristic of august buildings in Moghul and Russian architecture
ONION DOMES, noun. Plural of onion dome
ONION FISH, noun. (obsolete) (dialect) A fish, the grenadier.
ONION FLUTE, noun. (musical instrument) Synonym of eunuch flute.
ONION FLUTES, noun. Plural of onion flute
ONION FLY, noun. Delia antiqua, a cosmopolitan pest of crops, whose larvae or maggots feed on onions, garlic and other bulbous plants.
ONION GRASS, noun. A wild herb native to Europe and western Asia, naturalised elsewhere, Allium vineale.
ONION JOHNNIES, noun. Plural of onion Johnny
ONION JOHNNY, noun. A Breton farmer and agricultural labourer on a bicycle who sells distinctive pink onions door to door in Great Britain.
ONION RING, noun. A food consisting of onions deep-fried in batter and shaped into rings.
ONION RINGS, noun. Plural of onion ring
ONION ROUTING, noun. (computing) A technique for anonymous communication over a computer network, the messages being repeatedly encrypted and sent through nodes called onion routers, each of which performs only one stage of the decryption.
ONION SEED, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see A seed produced by an onion plant.
ONION SEED, noun. The strong-flavored seed of black caraway or nigella, Nigella sativa, which is deep black with flat sides, like those of the onion.
ONION SKINNING, noun. (computer graphics) A technique in animation in which consecutive frames are layered translucently to aid the animator.
ONION STRAW, noun. A thin strip of onion deep-fried in batter.
ONION STRAWS, noun. Plural of onion straw

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ONION, noun. The bulb of an onion plant.
ONION, noun. Bulbous plant having hollow leaves cultivated worldwide for its rounded edible bulb.
ONION, noun. An aromatic flavorful vegetable.

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