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STEAK, noun. A slice of beef, broiled or cut for broiling.
STEAK, noun. (by extension) A slice of meat of other large animals; as venison steak, bear steak, pork steak, turtle steak, salmon steak.
STEAK, verb. To cook (something, especially fish) like or as a steak.
STEAK AND KIDNEY PIE, noun. (UK) A savory pie made from beef, kidney, gravy and other ingredients.
STEAK AND KIDNEY PIES, noun. Plural of steak and kidney pie
STEAK AU POIVRE, noun. A steak, coated with crushed peppercorns then fried and finished with a cream and brandy sauce
STEAK BAKE, noun. A savory pastry made with beef.
STEAK BOMB, noun. (US) A hot submarine sandwich with steak, salami, provolone cheese, and vegetables.
STEAK BOMBS, noun. Plural of steak bomb
STEAK DIANE, noun. A filet mignon, often cooked at the table in a restaurant, seasoned with garlic and black pepper, fried quickly in butter, and flambéed in brandy.
STEAK FRIES, noun. French fries with a steak.
STEAK HOUSE, noun. Alternative form of steakhouse
STEAK KNIFE, noun. A table knife with a sharp, narrow, and often serrated blade designed for cutting tougher foods such as cooked meats.
STEAK KNIVES, noun. Plural of steak knife
STEAK ON THE HOOF, noun. Live cattle
STEAK SAUCE, noun. A tangy condiment, usually containing a variety of flavorings, designed to accompany steak.
STEAK SAUCES, noun. Plural of steak sauce
STEAK TARTARE, noun. A dish made of raw minced beef steak, often served with onions, capers and other ingredients

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STEAK, noun. A slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish.

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