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BARBECUE, noun. A fireplace or pit for grilling food, typically used outdoors and traditionally employing hot charcoal as the heating medium.
BARBECUE, noun. A meal or event highlighted by food cooked in such an apparatus.
BARBECUE, noun. Meat, especially pork or beef, which has been cooked in such an apparatus (i.e. smoked over indirect heat from high-smoke fuels) and then chopped up or shredded.
BARBECUE, noun. (dated) A hog, ox, or other large animal roasted or broiled whole for a feast.
BARBECUE, noun. A floor on which coffee beans are sun-dried.
BARBECUE, verb. To cook food on a barbecue; to smoke it over indirect heat from high-smoke fuels.
BARBECUE, verb. To grill.
BARBECUE SAUCE, noun. A fruity, tangy sauce, usually light brown in color, often served with meats.
BARBECUE SAUCES, noun. Plural of barbecue sauce
BARBECUE SLAW, noun. (US) Red slaw.
BARBECUE STOPPER, noun. (AU) (slang) A topic of conversation which is controversial and of contemporary significance. Hence, a social gaffe.
BARBECUE STOPPERS, noun. Plural of barbecue stopper

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BARBECUE, noun. Meat that has been barbecued or grilled in a highly seasoned sauce.
BARBECUE, noun. A cookout in which food is cooked over an open fire; especially a whole animal carcass roasted on a spit.
BARBECUE, noun. A rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors.
BARBECUE, verb. Cook outdoors on a barbecue grill; "let's barbecue that meat"; "We cooked out in the forest".

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