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HOT, adjective. (of an object) Having a high temperature.
HOT, adjective. (of the weather) Causing the air to be hot.
HOT, adjective. (of a person or animal) Feeling the sensation of heat, especially to the point of discomfort.
HOT, adjective. Feverish.
HOT, adjective. (of food) Spicy.
HOT, adjective. (informal) Very good, remarkable, exciting. [from the 19thc.]
HOT, adjective. Stolen. [from the 20thc.]
HOT, adjective. (incomparable) Electrically charged.
HOT, adjective. (informal) Radioactive. [from the 20thc.]
HOT, adjective. (slang) (of a person) Very physically or sexually attractive.
HOT, adjective. (slang) Sexual; involving sexual intercourse or sexual excitement.
HOT, adjective. Popular; in demand.
HOT, adjective. Very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed.
HOT, adjective. Performing strongly; having repeated successes.
HOT, adjective. Fresh; just released.
HOT, adjective. Uncomfortable, difficult to deal with; awkward, dangerous, unpleasant.
HOT, adjective. (slang) Used to emphasize the short duration or small quantity of something
HOT, verb. (with up) To heat; to make or become hot.
HOT, verb. (with up) To become lively or exciting.
HOT, acronym. Hybrid orientation technique
HOT, acronym. High-output turbo
HOT ABSCESS, noun. (pathology) A recently formed, inflamed abscess.
HOT AIR, noun. (literal) Air that has been heated, especially so as to function as the lifting agent of a hot-air balloon.
HOT AIR, noun. (idiomatic) Empty, confused, or exaggerated talk lacking meaning or substance; bluster.
HOT AIR BALLOON, noun. Alternative spelling of hot-air balloon
HOT AIR BALLOONS, noun. Plural of hot air balloon
HOT AND BOTHERED, adjective. (idiomatic) (colloquial) (slang) aroused, especially sexually
HOT AND BOTHERED, adjective. (idiomatic) (colloquial) (slang) aggravated or irritated
HOT AND COLD, adjective. (idiomatic) Ambivalent; having conflicting emotions.
HOT AND COLD, adverb. (slang) (idiomatic) Ambivalently; with conflicting emotions.
HOT AND HEAVY, adjective. (idiomatic) Enthusiastic.
HOT AND HEAVY, adjective. (idiomatic) Passionate.
HOT AND HEAVY, adverb. (idiomatic) (slang) Enthusiastically.
HOT AND HEAVY, adverb. (idiomatic) (slang) Passionately; lustily.
HOT AND HIGH, abbreviation. (aviation) (of aircraft operations) hot climates and high altitude.
HOT AND SOUR SOUP, noun. (culinary) any one of several soups, served in various Asian cuisines, which are both spicy and sour
HOT AS HELL, adjective. A colloquial phrase used to describe anything in that could be described as hot in the extreme. Used to describe a wide variety of factors, exempli gratia temperature, spiciness of a food or aesthetically pleasing members of the opposite sex.
HOT BED, noun. A central point of activity, relating to a specific task.
HOT BED, verb. Reusing sleeping quarters in shifts.
HOT BEEF INJECTION, noun. (slang) (vulgar) Sexual intercourse.
HOT BEEF INJECTIONS, noun. Plural of hot beef injection
HOT BLAST, noun. Preheated air blown into a blast furnace
HOT BOTTLE, noun. A hot water bottle.
HOT BOTTLE, noun. A hottle.
HOT BOX, verb. (colloquial) (slang) To smoke a cigarette vigorously and rapidly
HOT BOX, verb. (colloquial) (slang) To smoke a cigarette or drug within a sealed tent in order to heat it up, or in the case of drugs, keep the fumes in. e.g: Jane hotboxed the tent earlier.
HOT BREAD KITCHEN, noun. (AU) A small bakery, typically a local family-run establishment.
HOT BROWN, noun. (US) An open sandwich of turkey and bacon, covered in mornay sauce and baked or broiled until the bread is crisp and the sauce begins to brown.
HOT BULB, noun. An internal combustion engine in which the fuel is ignited by hot, compressed gas rather than a spark
HOT BULBS, noun. Plural of hot bulb
HOT BURGLARIES, noun. Plural of hot burglary
HOT BURGLARY, noun. The burglary of a dwelling while it is occupied.
HOT BUTTON, noun. (idiomatic) a central issue, concern or characteristic, especially one that motivates people to make a choice
HOT BUTTON, noun. (idiomatic) (marketing) the principal desire that a salesman needs to "hit" in order to make a sale
HOT BUTTONS, noun. Plural of hot button
HOT CARL, noun. A sexual act of defecating on a sexual partner, especially upon a passive female's chest
HOT CARLS, noun. Plural of hot carl
HOT CATHODE, noun. The heated cathode of a thermionic valve
HOT CATHODES, noun. Plural of hot cathode
HOT CHAIR, noun. Hot seat
HOT CHASSIS, noun. (electrical) A metal chassis, used as a base for electrical equipment, that is live because it lacks a transformer to isolate the equipment from the mains.
HOT CHAT, noun. Communication with the intent to cause sexual arousal.
HOT CHAT, noun. Heavy flirting with elements of reality or fantasy to induce orgasm.
HOT CHAT, noun. A form of safe sex which precludes the transmission of virus and disease.
HOT CHECK, noun. (US) (Texas) A check with non-sufficient funds (not enough money in the bank to back it up), written fraudulently.
HOT CHICKEN, noun. Nashville hot chicken, a type of fried chicken from Nashville, Tennessee, which is breaded in a spicy paste and served atop a slice of bread.
HOT CHICKENS, noun. Plural of hot chicken
HOT CHIPS, noun. (Australia) (New Zealand) french fries.
HOT CHISEL, noun. A chisel designed to cut metal that has been heated in a forge.
HOT CHISELS, noun. Plural of hot chisel
HOT CHOCOLATE, noun. A warm beverage made of chocolate and water or milk, often drunk during cold weather.
HOT CLOSET, noun. An enclosure, once attached to a stove, used to keep food warm
HOT CLOSETS, noun. Plural of hot closet
HOT COCKLES, noun. (dated) a children's game in which a blindfolded person had to guess who was hitting them.
HOT COCOA, noun. Hot chocolate
HOT COPPERS, noun. (obsolete) a hangover
HOT CORNER, noun. (baseball) Third base.
HOT CROSS BUN, noun. A bun, made with yeast and containing spices, currants and candied fruit, with a cross marked on the top, traditionally eaten on Good Friday in Christian countries.
HOT CROSS BUNS, noun. Plural of hot cross bun
HOT CUPBOARD, noun. A container, normally of stainless steel, and sometimes portable, in which cooked food may be kept warm until being served; sometimes fitted with a bain marie
HOT DAMN, interjection. A more intensive form of "damn!"
HOT DANG, interjection. Euphemism for hot damn.
HOT DARK MATTER, noun. Dark matter traveling at ultra-relativistic velocities
HOT DATE, noun. A social outing with a current or potential lover which holds the possibility for a sexual encounter
HOT DATES, noun. Plural of hot date
HOT DESK, noun. A desk, or workstation, used by different employees at different times.
HOT DESK, verb. To use different shared desks or workstations at different times.
HOT DESKER, noun. An employee who uses a shared desk or workstation
HOT DESKERS, noun. Plural of hot desker
HOT DESKING, noun. (idiomatic) The working practice of sharing desks or workstations between workers, as a means of saving space and resources.
HOT DESKS, noun. Plural of hot desk
HOT DIGGETY, interjection. Form of hot diggety dog
HOT DIGGETY DOG, interjection. A cry of delight or enthusiasm
HOT DIGGITY, interjection. Alternative spelling of hot diggety
HOT DIGGITY DOG, interjection. Alternative spelling of hot diggety dog
HOT DIPPING, noun. Galvanising by means of the hot-dip process
HOT DIPPINGS, noun. Plural of hot dipping
HOT DOG, interjection. An expression of delight or enthusiasm
HOT DOG, interjection. An expression of disappointment
HOT DOG, noun. A food consisting of a frankfurter, or wiener, in a bread roll, usually served with ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.
HOT DOG, noun. A sausage of the type used as a general ingredient in sense 1 (above).
HOT DOG, noun. A show-off or daredevil, especially in such sports as surfing, skateboarding, or skiing.
HOT DOG, noun. (NZ) A battered, deep-fried sausage or saveloy on a stick.
HOT DOG, verb. (intransitive) (slang) To perform a dangerous or difficult act or stunt as a display of skill or daring.
HOT DOG BUN, noun. A type of bun shaped specifically to contain a hot dog sausage.
HOT DOGS, noun. Plural of hot dog
HOT EXTRACTION, noun. A military slang term meaning the extraction of military forces by longer range vehicles (helicopter, boat, armoured personnel carrier) from an extraction point whilst under fire from enemy forces. It comes from the term "hot", meaning to be under fire and "extraction" from extraction point.
HOT FAVORITE, noun. The one of a group that is favored greatly above any of the others.
HOT FAVORITES, noun. Plural of hot favorite
HOT FAVOURITE, noun. Alternative spelling of hot favorite
HOT FLASH, noun. A sudden, but brief, sensation of heat over the entire body; a common symptom of menopause.
HOT FLASHES, noun. Plural of hot flash
HOT FLUSH, noun. A sudden, but brief, sensation of heat over the entire body; a common symptom of the menopause.
HOT FLUSHES, noun. Plural of hot flush
HOT FOLDER, noun. (computing) A file system directory which is monitored by a software to treat every new file which comes into.
HOT FROM THE PRESS, adjective. Hot off the press
HOT GLUE, noun. Hot melt adhesive
HOT GOSPELER, noun. Alternative spelling of hot gospeller
HOT GOSPELING, noun. Alternative spelling of hot gospelling
HOT GOSPELLER, noun. A person who proclaims his religious faith in a loud or dynamic manner
HOT GOSPELLERS, noun. Plural of hot gospeller
HOT GOSPELLING, noun. The activities of a hot gospeller
HOT HAMBURGER SANDWICH, noun. A hamburger, covered in gravy, and most often served between slices of bread.
HOT HAMBURGER SANDWICHES, noun. Plural of hot hamburger sandwich
HOT HAND, noun. (idiomatic) A sustained period of luck or success, a streak of good luck
HOT HATCH, noun. (informal) a high-performance hatchback motor car
HOT HATCHBACK, noun. Alternative form of hot hatch
HOT IRON TEST, noun. A supposed test for witchcraft in which a hot iron was applied to the skin (or the tongue) - the skin of a witch would be unharmed
HOT JUPITER, noun. (planetology) An exosolar planet whose characteristics are similar to Jupiter, but which orbits its parent star much more closely and thus has higher temperatures.
HOT JUPITERS, noun. Plural of hot Jupiter
HOT KARL, noun. Alternative form of hot carl
HOT KEY, noun. A keyboard shortcut
HOT LABORATORY, noun. (chemistry) a laboratory designed for use with radioactive substances
HOT LAVA, noun. A children's game in which players must traverse a room or area without stepping on the floor or ground.
HOT LINE, noun. Alternative spelling of hotline
HOT LINES, noun. Plural of hot line
HOT LIPS, noun. The lips of a person known for kissing.
HOT LIPS, noun. A person who kisses or is said to kiss passionately.
HOT LIPS, noun. An attractive or sexy person.
HOT LIPS, noun. A very good or exciting trumpet player.
HOT LUNCH, noun. (idiomatic) a sexual act in which a pouch of clingfilm or similar material filled with faeces is placed in one of the participants' mouth and subsequently penetrated by the second participant.
HOT LUNCHES, noun. Plural of hot lunch
HOT MELT ADHESIVE, noun. A solvent-free, solid adhesive that is melted by heating for use
HOT MELT GLUE, noun. Hot melt adhesive
HOT MESS, noun. (military) A warm meal, usually cooked in a large pot, often similar to a stew or porridge; service of such a heated meal to soldiers.
HOT MESS, noun. (slang) (idiomatic) (chiefly Southern US) A situation or object in a pitiful state of disarray.
HOT MESS, noun. (slang) (idiomatic) (chiefly Southern US) A disheveled or unbalanced person, sometimes particularly one who is nevertheless — or therefore — attractive.
HOT METAL, noun. Printing type cast from molten metal; hot metal typesetting.
HOT METAL TYPESETTING, noun. Any method of typesetting that involves injecting a molten metal alloy into a matrix to form a relief printing surface
HOT MONEY, noun. Money, or other financial instruments, that move regularly between different markets in search of the best interest rates
HOT MONEY, noun. Stolen currency that can be easily traced via serial numbers
HOT MONEY, noun. The largest total of money staked on a race etc
HOT NEPTUNE, noun. (planetology) An exosolar planet whose characteristics are similar to the ice giants Uranus and Neptune, but which orbits its parent star much more closely and thus has higher temperatures.
HOT NICKEL, noun. (slang) Interstate highway 5.
HOT OFF THE PRESS, adjective. Freshly printed
HOT OFF THE PRESS, adjective. (by extension) (of news) so interesting or sensational that its publication cannot be delayed
HOT OFF THE PRESSES, adjective. (idiomatic) Freshly printed, minted, written, or created.
HOT ON, adjective. (idiomatic) enthusiastic for.
HOT ON, adjective. (idiomatic) Knowledgeable about.
HOT ON, adjective. (idiomatic) Skilled at.
HOT ON SOMEBODY'S HEELS, adjective. (idiomatic) Close behind; pursuing or following closely.
HOT PANTED, adjective. Alternative spelling of hot-panted
HOT PANTS, noun. (now rare) Someone (especially a woman) with a high sexual appetite.
HOT PANTS, noun. Very brief and tight legless shorts for women and girls.
HOT PEPPER, noun. Any of various small fruits of highly notable pungency or heat.
HOT PEPPER, noun. Any of the plants that bear such fruit, especially the species Capsicum annuum and Capsicum frutescens and their numerous subspecies, varieties, or cultivars.
HOT PINK, noun. A bright vibrant pink colour.
HOT PINK, adjective. Of a bright vibrant pink colour.
HOT PINT, noun. (Scotland) a drink made from boiling beer to which is added nutmeg, eggs, sugar and whiskey; drunk during first-footing
HOT PLATE, noun. Alternative form of hotplate
HOT PLATE, noun. A hot meal.
HOT POT, noun. (chiefly UK) A stew of beef or lamb and potatoes.
HOT POT, noun. A communal meal, popular in China, wherein diners share a hot bowl of broth or stock into which uncooked foods such as mushrooms, vegetables, and cuts of meat are dipped until they are cooked enough to be eaten.
HOT POT, noun. (countable) A jacuzzi or hot tub
HOT POTATO, noun. (uncountable) A child's game in which players pass a ball or other item between them, with the object of avoiding being left holding the item when time expires.
HOT POTATO, noun. (countable) (idiomatic) An awkward or delicate problem with which nobody wants to be associated.
HOT POTATOES, noun. Plural of hot potato
HOT POTS, noun. Plural of hot pot
HOT PRESS, noun. An enclosed storage space, typically with slatted shelving and built around a house's hot water system to generate a low dry heat, used to dry damp clothing.
HOT PRESSES, noun. Plural of hot press
HOT PROPERTY, noun. Stolen goods.
HOT PURSUIT, noun. (legal) close and continuous pursuit of a fleeing suspected lawbreaker or hostile military force, especially across territorial lines.
HOT REACTOR, noun. (psychology) (physiology) A person whose blood pressure and heart rate increase abnormally in response to stress. [since 1980s]
HOT ROD, noun. Typically a passenger vehicle modified to run and/or accelerate faster. The term may be used generically to apply to any car, truck, or motorcycle (et al.) modified for increased speed and/or performance. It may also be used to specifically describe and refer to modified cars from the original (or traditional) era of "hot rods", post World War II and prior to 1960.
HOT ROD, verb. A colloquialism and slang term used to refer to the act of modifying a vehicle for enhanced driving performance, top speed, and/or to accelerate faster.
HOT RODDER, noun. Alternative spelling of hotrodder
HOT RODS, noun. Plural of hot rod
HOT SAUCE, noun. Any liquid spicy condiment or cooking ingredient made from chile peppers.
HOT SAUCES, noun. Plural of hot sauce
HOT SAW, noun. A saw with a continuously rotating circular blade; used for cutting trees
HOT SAWS, noun. Plural of hot saw
HOT SEAL, noun. A method of applying a piece of embroidered or printed fabric (i.e. a patch) to another piece of fabric by using a heat activated adhesive.
HOT SEAL, noun. The adhesive backing itself.
HOT SEALS, noun. Plural of hot seal
HOT SEAT, noun. (slang) the electric chair
HOT SEAT, noun. (by extension) any stressful situation
HOT SEATS, noun. Plural of hot seat
HOT SET, noun. A film set in which furniture and props have been positioned for an imminent shoot, so labeled to prevent said items from being moved and thus compromising continuity in the finished product
HOT SHEET, noun. A list of items of high current interest.
HOT SHEETS, noun. Plural of hot sheet
HOT SHIFT, noun. (dated) (US) An early mechanism that synchronized the speeds of gear wheels when changing gear in an automobile
HOT SHIFTS, noun. Plural of hot shift
HOT SHIT, noun. (idiomatic) (vulgar) An exceptionally impressive person or thing
HOT SHOE, noun. (photography) A fixture on a camera to which a separate flash unit may be attached, equipped with an electrical connection which transmits the firing signal from the camera to the flash.
HOT SHORT, adjective. (metallurgy) Of metal which is brittle at high temperatures.
HOT SHOT, noun. Alternative spelling of hotshot
HOT SHOTS, noun. Plural of hot shot
HOT SPELL, noun. A (usually) short period of hot weather. Sometimes a heat wave.
HOT SPOT, noun. A place notable for a high level of activity or danger; specifically:
HOT SPOT, noun. A dangerous place of violent political unrest
HOT SPOT, noun. An area of radioactive contamination
HOT SPOT, noun. A lively and entertaining place, such as a nightclub
HOT SPOT, noun. (computing) A part of an application that consumes a significant amount of execution time
HOT SPOT, noun. (computing) (graphical user interface) Part of a control that responds dynamically as the user moves the pointer over it, as for example in an image map.
HOT SPOT, noun. (computing) (networking) A location in which WiFi Internet access is available
HOT SPOT, noun. (genetics) The region of a gene in which there is higher than normal rate of mutation
HOT SPOT, noun. (planetology) (geology) The surface manifestation of a plume that rises from deep in the celestial body's mantle
HOT SPOTS, noun. Plural of hot spot
HOT SPRING, noun. A natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68°F).
HOT SPRINGS, noun. Plural of hot spring
HOT SQUAT, noun. (US) (slang) The electric chair
HOT SQUATS, noun. Plural of hot squat
HOT STAMP, noun. An impression made in a hot metal forging
HOT STOVE, noun. A relatively low-powered kitchen appliance used in lieu of a proper stove.
HOT STOVE, noun. (baseball) Term that defines the baseball offseason where trades are taking place and teams look to sign free agents. (e.g. The "hot stove" report)
HOT STOVE LEAGUE, noun. The discussion of a sport that happens during the sports off-season.
HOT STOVES, noun. Plural of hot stove
HOT STUFF, noun. (idiomatic) (colloquial) An attractive person, often used as a come-on or pickup line.
HOT STUFF, noun. (idiomatic) (colloquial) Something excellent or exciting.
HOT STUFF, noun. (idiomatic) (slang) A roofing worker's term for hot bitumen.
HOT STUFF, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see hot,‎ stuff. (colloquial)
HOT SWAP, verb. (computing) To remove or replace a component while the computer is still running.
HOT TAKE, noun. A bold, broad, and subjective moral generalization on a situation, with little or no original analysis or insight, especially by a journalist.
HOT TAKES, noun. Plural of hot take
HOT TAMALE, interjection. An exclamation of surprise.
HOT TAMALE, noun. (US) (informal) A physically attractive person.
HOT TAMALE, noun. (US) (informal) A comical person or thing.
HOT TAMALES, noun. Plural of hot tamale
HOT TAP, noun. The tap (of a pair) that produces hot water (the other being the cold tap)
HOT TAPS, noun. Plural of hot tap
HOT TEAR, noun. A fracture in a metal casting that occurs during solidification as a result of hindered contraction
HOT TEARING, noun. The formation of a fracture in a metal casting during solidification as a result of hindered contraction
HOT TICKET, noun. A particularly desirable or hard to obtain admission to an event
HOT TICKET, noun. A thing that is currently enjoying great popularity
HOT TICKETS, noun. Plural of hot ticket
HOT TO TROT, adjective. (idiomatic) Eager to begin; anxious to get going.
HOT TO TROT, adjective. (idiomatic) Eager for sexual activity.
HOT TODDY, noun. A drink made from alcoholic liquor mixed with sugar, spice and hot water
HOT TROD, noun. (obsolete) the legal pursuit of Border Reivers across the English-Scottish border in order to recover stolen goods
HOT TRUCK, noun. (US) A vehicle from which hot (and sometimes also cold) food can be purchased.
HOT TRUCKS, noun. Plural of hot truck
HOT TUB, noun. (chiefly US) a large tub, often situated outdoors, filled with hot water and used for communal leisure bathing
HOT TUBE, noun. A device in some early internal combustion engines that ignited the fuel/air mixture in a tube heated by a flame
HOT TUBES, noun. Plural of hot tube
HOT TUBS, noun. Plural of hot tub
HOT UNDER THE COLLAR, adjective. (idiomatic) (of a person) Angry, agitated.
HOT UP, verb. To heat up:
HOT UP, verb. (British) To increase in temperature.
HOT UP, verb. (idiomatic) To become more heated.
HOT UP, verb. To make or become more sexually appealing, enticing or exciting.
HOT WALL, noun. A brick wall, that has enclosed flues connected to a fire, onto which fruit trees are attached in order to hasten growth and ripening
HOT WAR, noun. A conflict in which actual fighting takes place between the belligerent parties.
HOT WARS, noun. Plural of hot war
HOT WATER, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see hot,‎ water.
HOT WATER, noun. (idiomatic) (figuratively) a dangerous situation; trouble
HOT WATER, noun. (idiomatic) (figuratively) fierce criticism
HOT WATER BOTTLE, noun. A flexible, saclike bottle, usually made of rubber, intended to be filled with hot water and placed on some part of the body for thermotherapy, or simple warming.
HOT WATER BOTTLES, noun. Plural of hot water bottle
HOT WATER HEATER, noun. An apparatus, usually fuel burning, electric or solar powered, in which water is heated to be used directly as domestic hot water or process hot water (but not for supplying space heating, calorifiers etc, for which a boiler or furnace is used).
HOT WATER HEATERS, noun. Plural of hot water heater
HOT WAVE, noun. (dated) a heat wave
HOT WAVES, noun. Plural of hot wave
HOT WELL, noun. A well whose water is supplied by a hot spring.
HOT WELL, noun. (condensing engines) A receptacle for the hot water drawn from the condenser by the air pump. This water is returned to the boiler, being drawn from the hot well by the feed pump.
HOT WHISKEY, noun. A drink consisting of a shot of whiskey, boiling water, brown sugar, and a slice of lemon with cloves.
HOT WHISKY, noun. Alternative spelling of hot whiskey
HOT WIND, noun. Any wind characterized by intense heat and low relative humidity
HOT WITH, noun. (obsolete) (colloquial) (UK) A drink of hot spirits with sugar and water.
HOT ZIGGETY, interjection. An expression of surprise or excitement

Dictionary definition

HOT, adjective. Used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning; "hot stove"; "hot water"; "a hot August day"; "a hot stuffy room"; "she's hot and tired"; "a hot forehead".
HOT, adjective. Characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense; "the fighting became hot and heavy"; "a hot engagement"; "a raging battle"; "the river became a raging torrent".
HOT, adjective. Extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm; "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument".
HOT, adjective. (color) bold and intense; "hot pink".
HOT, adjective. Sexually excited or exciting; "was hot for her"; "hot pants".
HOT, adjective. Recently stolen or smuggled; "hot merchandise"; "a hot car".
HOT, adjective. Very fast; capable of quick response and great speed; "a hot sports car"; "a blistering pace"; "got off to a hot start"; "in hot pursuit"; "a red-hot line drive".
HOT, adjective. Wanted by the police; "a hot suspect".
HOT, adjective. Producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves; "hot salsa"; "jalapeno peppers are very hot".
HOT, adjective. Performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy; "a hot drummer"; "he's hot tonight".
HOT, adjective. Very popular or successful; "one of the hot young talents"; "cabbage patch dolls were hot last season".
HOT, adjective. Very unpleasant or even dangerous; "make it hot for him"; "in the hot seat"; "in hot water".
HOT, adjective. Newest or most recent; "news hot off the press"; "red-hot information".
HOT, adjective. Having or bringing unusually good luck; "hot at craps"; "the dice are hot tonight".
HOT, adjective. Very good; often used in the negative; "he's hot at math but not so hot at history".
HOT, adjective. Newly made; "a hot scent".
HOT, adjective. Having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm; "hot for travel".
HOT, adjective. Of a seeker; very near to the object sought; "you are hot".
HOT, adjective. Having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity; "hot fuel rods"; "a hot laboratory".
HOT, adjective. Charged or energized with electricity; "a hot wire"; "a live wire".
HOT, adjective. Marked by excited activity; "a hot week on the stock market".

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