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HEAVY, adjective. (of a physical object) Having great weight.
HEAVY, adjective. (of a topic) Serious, somber.
HEAVY, adjective. Not easy to bear; burdensome; oppressive.
HEAVY, adjective. (British) (slang) (dated) Good.
HEAVY, adjective. (dated) (late 1960s) (1970s) (US) Profound.
HEAVY, adjective. (of a rate of flow) High, great.
HEAVY, adjective. (slang) Armed.
HEAVY, adjective. (music) Louder, more distorted.
HEAVY, adjective. (of weather) Hot and humid.
HEAVY, adjective. (of a person) Doing the specified activity more intensely than most other people.
HEAVY, adjective. (of food) High in fat or protein; difficult to digest.
HEAVY, adjective. Of great force, power, or intensity; deep or intense.
HEAVY, adjective. Laden to a great extent.
HEAVY, adjective. Laden with that which is weighty; encumbered; burdened; bowed down, either with an actual burden, or with grief, pain, disappointment, etc.
HEAVY, adjective. Slow; sluggish; inactive; or lifeless, dull, inanimate, stupid.
HEAVY, adjective. Impeding motion; cloggy; clayey.
HEAVY, adjective. Not raised or leavened.
HEAVY, adjective. Having much body or strength; said of wines or spirits.
HEAVY, adjective. (obsolete) With child; pregnant.
HEAVY, adverb. Heavily
HEAVY, adverb. (India) (colloquial) very
HEAVY, noun. A villain or bad guy; the one responsible for evil or aggressive acts.
HEAVY, noun. (slang) A doorman, bouncer or bodyguard.
HEAVY, noun. (aviation) A large multi-engined aircraft.
HEAVY, verb. (often with "up") To make heavier.
HEAVY, verb. To sadden.
HEAVY, verb. (Australia) (New Zealand) (informal) To use power and/or wealth to exert influence on, e.g., governments or corporations; to pressure.
HEAVY, adjective. Having the heaves.
HEAVY CAKE, noun. A cake of Cornish origin, made with flour, lard, butter, milk, sugar, and raisins.
HEAVY CAKES, noun. Plural of heavy cake
HEAVY CAVALRIES, noun. Plural of heavy cavalry
HEAVY CAVALRY, noun. (military) A military unit consisting of troops mounted on large powerful horses, and often equipped with armor as well as either swords, maces, lances, or battle axes.
HEAVY CREAM, noun. (North America) A rich cream, at least 36 percent of which is milkfat.
HEAVY CREAM, noun. (US standard of identity) Pasteurized cream at least 36 percent of which is milkfat, optionally homogenized, and optionally containing added flavor, nutritive sweetener, emulsifier, or stabilizer.
HEAVY GLASS, noun. A heavy optical glass, consisting essentially of potassium borosilicate.
HEAVY GOODS VEHICLE, noun. A lorry, truck or other large vehicle used to transport cargo with a total weight of at least 3.5 tonnes.
HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES, noun. Plural of heavy goods vehicle
HEAVY HITTER, noun. (baseball) A player with a favorable batting average who is especially good at hitting the ball deep into the outfield or farther.
HEAVY HITTER, noun. (sport) (by extension) In any sport, a strong, physical player who is particularly effective.
HEAVY HITTER, noun. (idiomatic) A person of considerable importance who is a major decision maker or capable achiever; an especially significant organization or an especially functional object.
HEAVY HYDROGEN, noun. Deuterium.
HEAVY INDUSTRY, noun. Production of products which are either heavy in weight or in the processes leading to their production
HEAVY ION, noun. (nuclear physics) An ionized atom that is usually heavier than helium.
HEAVY IONS, noun. Plural of heavy ion
HEAVY LEGS, noun. An alleged medical condition, described as an unpleasant sensation of pain and heaviness in the lower limbs.
HEAVY LIFTING, noun. (idiomatic) The most demanding part of an endeavour; work requiring the most effort, resources, or consideration.
HEAVY METAL, noun. Any metal that has a specific gravity greater than about 5, especially one, such as lead, that is poisonous and may be a hazard in the environment.
HEAVY METAL, noun. (music) A genre descended from rock music, characterized by massive sound, highly amplified distortion, and overall loudness, often with extended guitar solos, and lyrics that involve violent or fantastic imagery.
HEAVY METAL UMLAUT, noun. An umlaut over a letter in the name of a heavy metal band (as in "Motörhead", "Queensrÿche" and "Mötley Crüe"), added gratuitously for mere stylistic effect.
HEAVY METAL UMLAUTS, noun. Plural of heavy metal umlaut
HEAVY METALLY, adjective. Resembling heavy metal music.
HEAVY ROLLER, noun. (cricket) The heavier of the rollers used for flattening the pitch between innings
HEAVY ROLLERS, noun. Plural of heavy roller
HEAVY SINK, noun. (baseball) The motion of a sharply diving sinker pitch.
HEAVY TAIL, noun. (statistics) Fat tail.
HEAVY TAILS, noun. Plural of heavy tail
HEAVY WATER, noun. (chemistry) Water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen (symbol D2O); used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.

Dictionary definition

HEAVY, noun. An actor who plays villainous roles.
HEAVY, noun. A serious (or tragic) role in a play.
HEAVY, adverb. Slowly as if burdened by much weight; "time hung heavy on their hands".
HEAVY, adjective. Of comparatively great physical weight or density; "a heavy load"; "lead is a heavy metal"; "heavy mahogany furniture".
HEAVY, adjective. Unusually great in degree or quantity or number; "heavy taxes"; "a heavy fine"; "heavy casualties"; "heavy losses"; "heavy rain"; "heavy traffic".
HEAVY, adjective. Of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment; "heavy artillery"; "heavy infantry"; "a heavy cruiser"; "heavy guns"; "heavy industry involves large-scale production of basic products (such as steel) used by other industries".
HEAVY, adjective. Marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness; "a heavy heart"; "a heavy schedule"; "heavy news"; "a heavy silence"; "heavy eyelids".
HEAVY, adjective. Usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it.
HEAVY, adjective. (used of soil) compact and fine-grained; "the clayey soil was heavy and easily saturated".
HEAVY, adjective. Darkened by clouds; "a heavy sky".
HEAVY, adjective. Of great intensity or power or force; "a heavy blow"; "the fighting was heavy"; "heavy seas".
HEAVY, adjective. (physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight; "heavy hydrogen"; "heavy water".
HEAVY, adjective. (of an actor or role) being or playing the villain; "Iago is the heavy role in `Othello'".
HEAVY, adjective. Permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter; "dense smoke"; "heavy fog"; "impenetrable gloom".
HEAVY, adjective. Of relatively large extent and density; "a heavy line".
HEAVY, adjective. Made of fabric having considerable thickness; "a heavy coat".
HEAVY, adjective. Prodigious; "big spender"; "big eater"; "heavy investor".
HEAVY, adjective. Full and loud and deep; "heavy sounds"; "a herald chosen for his sonorous voice".
HEAVY, adjective. Given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors; "a hard drinker".
HEAVY, adjective. Of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought; "grave responsibilities"; "faced a grave decision in a time of crisis"; "a grievous fault"; "heavy matters of state"; "the weighty matters to be discussed at the peace conference".
HEAVY, adjective. Slow and laborious because of weight; "the heavy tread of tired troops"; "moved with a lumbering sag-bellied trot"; "ponderous prehistoric beasts"; "a ponderous yawn".
HEAVY, adjective. Large and powerful; especially designed for heavy loads or rough work; "a heavy truck"; "heavy machinery".
HEAVY, adjective. Dense or inadequately leavened and hence likely to cause distress in the alimentary canal; "a heavy pudding".
HEAVY, adjective. Sharply inclined; "a heavy grade".
HEAVY, adjective. Full of; bearing great weight; "trees heavy with fruit"; "vines weighed down with grapes".
HEAVY, adjective. Requiring or showing effort; "heavy breathing"; "the subject made for labored reading".
HEAVY, adjective. Characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort; "worked their arduous way up the mining valley"; "a grueling campaign"; "hard labor"; "heavy work"; "heavy going"; "spent many laborious hours on the project"; "set a punishing pace".
HEAVY, adjective. Lacking lightness or liveliness; "heavy humor"; "a leaden conversation".
HEAVY, adjective. (of sleep) deep and complete; "a heavy sleep"; "fell into a profound sleep"; "a sound sleeper"; "deep wakeless sleep".
HEAVY, adjective. In an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child"; "was great with child".

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