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STEEL, noun. (uncountable) An artificial metal produced from iron, harder and more elastic than elemental iron; used figuratively as a symbol of hardness.
STEEL, noun. (countable) Any item made of this metal, particularly including:
STEEL, noun. Bladed or pointed weapons, as swords, javelins, daggers.
STEEL, noun. A piece used for striking sparks from flint.
STEEL, noun. Armor.
STEEL, noun. A honing steel, a tool used to sharpen or hone metal blades.
STEEL, noun. (sewing) Pieces used to strengthen, support, or expand an item of clothing.
STEEL, noun. (dialectal) A flat iron.
STEEL, noun. (sewing) (dialectal) A sewing needle; a knitting needle; a sharp metal stylus.
STEEL, noun. (printing) An engraving plate:
STEEL, noun. Projectiles.
STEEL, noun. (sewing) A fringe of beads or decoration of this metal.
STEEL, noun. (music) (guitar) A type of slide used while playing the steel guitar.
STEEL, noun. (countable) The part made from this metal, in reference to anything.
STEEL, noun. (uncountable) (medicine) (obsolete) Medicinal consumption of this metal; chalybeate medicine; (eventually) any iron or iron-treated water consumed as a medical treatment.
STEEL, noun. (countable) Varieties of this metal.
STEEL, noun. (uncountable) (colors) The gray hue of this metal; steel-gray.
STEEL, adjective. Made of steel.
STEEL, adjective. Similar to steel in color, strength, or the like; steely.
STEEL, adjective. (business) Of or belonging to the manufacture or trade in steel.
STEEL, adjective. (medicine) (obsolete) Containing steel.
STEEL, adjective. (printing) Engraved on steel.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) To edge, cover, or point with steel.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) To harden or strengthen; to nerve or make obdurate; to fortify against.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) (of mirrors) To back with steel.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) (medicine) (obsolete) To treat a liquid with steel for medicinal purposes.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) (dialectal) To press with a flat iron.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) (uncommon) To cause to resemble steel in appearance.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) To steelify; to turn iron into steel.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) To electroplate an item, particularly an engraving plate, with a layer of iron.
STEEL, verb. (transitive) To sharpen with a honing steel.
STEEL, proper noun. (UK) (crime) (slang) (obsolete) Coldbath Fields Prison in London, closed in 1877.
STEEL BLUE, noun. A grayish shade of the color blue, like the metal steel
STEEL BLUE, adjective. Having or resembling this shade of blue
STEEL CAGE MATCH, noun. A special match in wrestling where opponents wrestle inside an enclosed cage surrounded by steel
STEEL CAGE MATCHES, noun. Plural of steel cage match
STEEL DRUM, noun. Synonym of steelpan.
STEEL DRUMMER, noun. Synonym of pannist.
STEEL DRUMMERS, noun. Plural of steel drummer
STEEL DRUMS, noun. Plural of steel drum
STEEL GUITAR, noun. (music) (uncountable) A method of playing slide guitar using a steel (a kind of slide).
STEEL GUITAR, noun. (musical instrument) (countable) Any of several types of guitar designed to be played using this method.
STEEL GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays the steel guitar.
STEEL GUITARISTS, noun. Plural of steel guitarist
STEEL GUITARS, noun. Plural of steel guitar
STEEL MAGNOLIA, noun. (chiefly US South) A woman who exemplifies both traditional femininity as well as an uncommon fortitude.
STEEL ONESELF, verb. To concentrate in preparation for a rigorous or possibly painful task (e.g. a boxer steeling himself for a match)
STEEL PAN, noun. Alternative form of steelpan
STEEL PAN ORCHESTRA, noun. A band made up of people who play the steelpan.
STEEL PAN ORCHESTRAS, noun. Plural of steel pan orchestra
STEEL PANNIST, noun. Synonym of pannist.
STEEL PANNISTS, noun. Plural of steel pannist
STEEL PANS, noun. Plural of steel pan
STEEL POT HELMET, noun. (military) (slang) a style of soldier's helmet that looks the same or similar to the helmet used by U.S. soldiery from WWII, Korean War, American-Vietnam War
STEEL SQUARE, noun. A tool used to measure out right angles.
STEEL WHEEL, noun. (poker) (slang) The lowest straight flush, ace-2-3-4-5 (all of the same suit).
STEEL WHEELS, noun. (poker) (slang) plural of steel wheel
STEEL WINE, noun. (obsolete) Wine, usually sherry, in which steel filings were placed for a considerable time; once used as a medicine.
STEEL WOOL, noun. Fine strips of steel, usually formed into pads and used as an abrasive.
STEEL WOOLS, noun. Plural of steel wool
STEEL WORKER, noun. A construction worker specializing in fabricating and erecting steel components
STEEL WORKER, noun. (dated) A person involved in the fabrication of steel itself
STEEL WORKERS, noun. Plural of steel worker

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STEEL, noun. An alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range.
STEEL, noun. A cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard.
STEEL, noun. Knife sharpener consisting of a ridged steel rod.
STEEL, verb. Get ready for something difficult or unpleasant.
STEEL, verb. Cover, plate, or edge with steel.

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