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TITANIUM, noun. A chemical element, atomic number 22; it is a strong, corrosion-resistant transition metal, used to make light alloys for aircraft etc.
TITANIUM, noun. (countable) A single atom of this element.
TITANIUM ALLOY, noun. Any alloy of titanium and a metal or nonmetal
TITANIUM ALUMINIDE, noun. (chemistry) An intermetallic compound of titanium and aluminium, TiAl, used as a heat-resistant material in high-speed aircraft
TITANIUM BORIDE, noun. (chemistry) A very hard ceramic material, TiB2, used as a refractory and in high-temperature electrical applications
TITANIUM CARBIDE, noun. (chemistry) A very hard ceramic material, TiC, used in tool bits and in the preparation of cermets
TITANIUM DIOXIDE, noun. (chemistry) a brilliant white powder, TiO2, used as a pigment, and in sunblock, toothpaste and cosmetics
TITANIUM DIOXIDES, noun. Plural of titanium dioxide
TITANIUM GROUP, noun. (inorganic chemistry) Group 4 of the periodic table, comprising titanium, zirconium, hafnium and rutherfordium
TITANIUM HYDRIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) The binary compound of titanium and hydrogen, TiH2, that is used in metallurgy etc. and, together with an oxidant, in pyrotechnic devices
TITANIUM NITRIDE, noun. (chemistry) A very hard, golden-coloured ceramic material, TiN; used in refractories, alloys, cermets, and semiconductors
TITANIUM NITRIDES, noun. Plural of titanium nitride
TITANIUM OXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) Either of two binary compounds of titanium and oxygen - titanium dioxide and titanium trioxide
TITANIUM OXIDES, noun. Plural of titanium oxide
TITANIUM SAND, noun. Any of various sands that are an industrial source of titanium minerals such as leucoxene, rutile and ilmenite
TITANIUM SPONGE, noun. Crude titanium metal that has not yet been refined or forged
TITANIUM SUBOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) Any of a range of poorly characterized oxides of titanium having the composition TiOx where x is between one and two
TITANIUM TRIOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) The binary compound of titanium and oxygen, TiO3, that is a pale yellow solid, and is used to colour ceramics
TITANIUM WHITE, noun. The pigment titanium dioxide

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TITANIUM, noun. A light strong grey lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong lightweight alloys (as for airplane parts); the main sources are rutile and ilmenite.

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