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INORGANIC, adjective. (chemistry) relating to a compound that does not contain carbon
INORGANIC, adjective. (by extension) that does not originate in a living organism
INORGANIC, noun. (chemistry) An inorganic compound
INORGANIC CARBON, noun. Carbon that is not present as organic compounds; principally carbonate minerals
INORGANIC CHEMIST, noun. Chemist whose field is inorganic chemistry.
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, noun. (chemistry) The chemistry of the elements (including carbon), and those compounds that do not contain carbon.
INORGANIC CHEMISTS, noun. Plural of inorganic chemist
INORGANIC COMPOUND, noun. (inorganic chemistry) Any compound not containing carbon atoms.
INORGANIC COMPOUND, noun. (inorganic chemistry) Any compound containing carbon atoms ionically bound to other atoms.
INORGANIC COMPOUNDS, noun. Plural of inorganic compound
INORGANIC POLYMER, noun. (inorganic chemistry) Any giant molecule linked by covalent bonds, but having no (or few) carbon atoms in the main molecular backbone.
INORGANIC POLYMERS, noun. Plural of inorganic polymer

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INORGANIC, adjective. Relating or belonging to the class of compounds not having a carbon basis; "hydrochloric and sulfuric acids are called inorganic substances".
INORGANIC, adjective. Lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms.

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