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CAPILLARY, adjective. Of or pertaining to hair
CAPILLARY, adjective. Pertaining to a narrow tube
CAPILLARY, noun. A narrow tube
CAPILLARY, noun. (anatomy) Any of the small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins
CAPILLARY ACTION, noun. The drawing of a liquid (often against gravity) into or up narrow interstices due to surface tension
CAPILLARY BED, noun. (physiology) Any of many reticulated network of capillaries that supply blood to the organs inside the body.
CAPILLARY REFILL, noun. The refilling of empty capillaries by blood
CAPILLARY REFILL, noun. (emergency medicine) An assessment of the rate of refilling of blood capillaries after having applied pressure; used as a diagnostic procedure.
CAPILLARY REFILLS, noun. Plural of capillary refill
CAPILLARY WAVE, noun. A wave at a fluid boundary dominated by surface tension (opposed to larger waves dominated by gravity), a ripple.
CAPILLARY WAVES, noun. Plural of capillary wave

Dictionary definition

CAPILLARY, noun. A tube of small internal diameter; holds liquid by capillary action.
CAPILLARY, noun. Any of the minute blood vessels connecting arterioles with venules.
CAPILLARY, adjective. Of or relating to hair.
CAPILLARY, adjective. Long and slender with a very small internal diameter; "a capillary tube".

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