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ION, noun. An atom or group of atoms bearing an electrical charge, such as the sodium and chlorine atoms in a salt solution.
ION, proper noun. (Greek mythology) Son of Creusa and Xuthus, and the ancestor of Ionian people.
ION CARRIER, noun. An ionophore
ION CHANNEL, noun. (biochemistry) a protein complex or single protein which penetrates a cell membrane and catalyzes the passage of specific ions through that membrane.
ION CHANNELOPATHY, noun. (medicine) Any of several inherited diseases in which alterations in the control of ion conductance through the central pore of ion channels impair cell functions
ION CHANNELS, noun. Plural of ion channel May refer to either multiple ion channel classes or to multiple members of a single class.
ION CHROMATOGRAPHY, noun. Synonym of ion exchange chromatography.
ION ENGINE, noun. (astronautics) a type of spacecraft propulsion, whereby electric fields accelerate ions out the exhaust to provide motive force
ION ENGINES, noun. Plural of ion engine
ION EXCHANGE, noun. (chemistry) the reversible process whereby ions are exchanged between a solution and a solid or gel; cation exchange is the process used in a water softener
ION EXCHANGE CHROMATOGRAPHY, noun. (analytical chemistry) A technique that uses ion exchange to separate compounds, anions and cations according to their electrical properties.
ION EXCHANGE RESIN, noun. (analytical chemistry) An insoluble matrix of small beads having a charged surface; used as an artificial zeolite in water softeners and in ion exchange chromatography.
ION EXCHANGE RESINS, noun. Plural of ion exchange resin
ION MILLING, noun. The use of a beam of high-energy ions to remove material from a surface
ION MIRROR, noun. A reflectron.
ION MIRRORS, noun. Plural of ion mirror
ION SELECTIVE ELECTRODE, noun. (chemistry) (physics) An electrode whose potential is dependent on the concentration of a specific ion in the solution in which it is immersed.

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ION, noun. A particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative); an atom or molecule or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons.

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