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CATALYTIC, adjective. (chemistry) Of or relating to a catalyst; having properties facilitating chemical reaction or change.
CATALYTIC ACTIVITY, noun. The increase in rate of a chemical reaction caused by the presence of a catalyst.
CATALYTIC ACTIVITY, noun. An amount of catalyst, expressed as the increase of the rate of its reaction.
CATALYTIC AGENT, noun. A catalyst
CATALYTIC CONVERTER, noun. (automotive) A chamber containing a finely divided platinum catalyst in which carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from the exhaust are oxidized to carbon dioxide.
CATALYTIC CONVERTERS, noun. Plural of catalytic converter
CATALYTIC REFORMER, noun. A reformation technique used to "strip" gasoline of impurities, improve octane rating etc.

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CATALYTIC, adjective. Relating to or causing or involving catalysis; "catalytic reactions".

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