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ACTIVATION, noun. Making active and effective.
ACTIVATION, noun. (physics) The process of making a radioisotope by bombarding a stable element with neutrons or protons.
ACTIVATION, noun. (biochemistry) The process through which molecules are made able to react.
ACTIVATION ANALYSES, noun. Plural of activation analysis
ACTIVATION ANALYSIS, noun. (chemistry) Any of several similar techniques in which a subatomic particle or gamma ray is captured by a nuclide to form a second stable nuclide which is then measured.
ACTIVATION ENERGY, noun. (chemistry) (physics) The energy required to initiate a reaction. For example, the flame from the fuse of a firecracker provides a small initial amount of energy, after which the explosive reaction proceeds by itself, releasing a considerably larger quantity of energy. A small push given to a stable but top-heavy object may cause it to fall over; the potential energy released during the fall was present in the system all along but could not be realized as long as the object was upright and balanced.
ACTIVATION RECORD, noun. (programming) a data structure containing subroutine state information located on the call stack

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ACTIVATION, noun. Stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical.
ACTIVATION, noun. The activity of causing to have energy and be active.
ACTIVATION, noun. Making active and effective (as a bomb).

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