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PHOTON, noun. (particle) The quantum of light and other electromagnetic energy, regarded as a discrete particle having zero rest mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime. It is a gauge boson.
PHOTON BELT, noun. (New Age) A mythical dangerous belt of photons emanating from the Pleiades that will collide with the Earth in the near future according to New Age mystics.
PHOTON BELTS, noun. Plural of photon belt
PHOTON SAIL, noun. (astronautics) a solar sail.
PHOTON SAILS, noun. Plural of photon sail
PHOTON TUNNELLING, noun. (physics) The transmission of light through apertures of dimension smaller than the wavelength of the light by quantum tunnelling
PHOTON TUNNELLING, noun. (physics) The apparent faster-than-light transmission of photons across a gap

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PHOTON, noun. A quantum of electromagnetic radiation; an elementary particle that is its own antiparticle.

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