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SPECTRUM, noun. Specter, apparition. [from early 17th c.]
SPECTRUM, noun. A range; a continuous, infinite, one-dimensional set, possibly bounded by extremes.
SPECTRUM, noun. Specifically, a range of colours representing light (electromagnetic radiation) of contiguous frequencies; hence electromagnetic spectrum, visible spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum, etc. [from later 17th c.]
SPECTRUM, noun. (psychology) (education) The autism spectrum.
SPECTRUM, noun. (chemistry) The pattern of absorption or emission of radiation produced by a substance when subjected to energy (radiation, heat, electricity, etc.).
SPECTRUM, noun. (mathematics) (linear algebra) The set of eigenvalues of a matrix.
SPECTRUM, noun. (mathematics) (functional analysis) Of a bounded linear operator A, the set of scalar values λ such that the operator A—λI, where I denotes the identity operator, does not have a bounded inverse; intended as a generalisation of the linear algebra sense.
SPECTRUM ANALYSER, noun. British spelling of spectrum analyzer
SPECTRUM ANALYSERS, noun. Plural of spectrum analyser
SPECTRUM ANALYZER, noun. (physics) An electronic device that displays the frequency spectrum of an electrical, optical or acoustic waveform.
SPECTRUM ANALYZERS, noun. Plural of spectrum analyzer
SPECTRUM DISORDER, noun. (medicine) (psychology) (pathology) A physiological or psychological disorder which may take any of a range of forms or be indicated by any of a range of symptoms.

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SPECTRUM, noun. An ordered array of the components of an emission or wave.
SPECTRUM, noun. A broad range of related objects or values or qualities or ideas or activities.

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