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QUANTITATIVE, adjective. Of a measurement based on some quantity or number rather than on some quality
QUANTITATIVE, adjective. (chemistry) Of a form of analysis that determines the amount of some element or compound in a sample
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS, noun. (chemistry) The determination of the amounts of an element or compound in a sample.
QUANTITATIVE ANALYST, noun. A person who designs and implements mathematical models for the pricing of financial derivatives. Often shortened to quant. See also quantitative analysis.
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSTS, noun. Plural of quantitative analyst
QUANTITATIVE EASING, noun. (economics) A monetary policy in which the central bank increases the money supply in the banking system, as by purchasing bonds from banks.
QUANTITATIVE METATHESIS, noun. (prosody) A form of metathesis or transposition involving quantity or vowel length, by which two neighboring vowels – one long, one short – switch their lengths, so that the long one becomes short, and the short one becomes long.
QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH, noun. The systematic scientific investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships, using statistical methods.

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QUANTITATIVE, adjective. Expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture".
QUANTITATIVE, adjective. Relating to the measurement of quantity; "quantitative studies".
QUANTITATIVE, adjective. (of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables; "in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements".

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