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MEASURABLE, adjective. Able to be measured.
MEASURABLE, adjective. Of significant importance.
MEASURABLE, noun. That which can be measured; a metric.
MEASURABLE FUNCTION, noun. (analysis) If a function's codomain is a topological space and the function's domain is a measurable space, then the function is measurable if the inverse image of every open set in its codomain is a measurable set in its domain.
MEASURABLE FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any well-behaved function of real numbers between measurable spaces.
MEASURABLE FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of measurable function
MEASURABLE SET, noun. (analysis) A subset of a given measurable space which is a member of the σ-algebra of that space.
MEASURABLE SETS, noun. Plural of measurable set
MEASURABLE SPACE, noun. (mathematics) A set with a σ-algebra defined on it.
MEASURABLE SPACES, noun. Plural of measurable space

Dictionary definition

MEASURABLE, adjective. Capable of being measured; "measurable depths".
MEASURABLE, adjective. Of distinguished importance; "a measurable figure in literature".

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