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MAXIMAL, adjective. Largest, greatest (in magnitude), highest, most.
MAXIMAL, noun. (mathematics) The element of a set with the greatest magnitude.
MAXIMAL, noun. (mathematics) Said of an ideal of a ring or a filter of a lattice: that it is as large as it can be without being trivial (improper).
MAXIMAL, noun. (logic) Said of a set of well-formed formulas: that it is as large as it can be without being inconsistent; i.e. that for any well-formed formula φ, the set contains either φ or ~φ.
MAXIMAL MUNCH, noun. A method of parsing or lexing where the longest possible section of the input is matched on each iteration.

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MAXIMAL, adjective. The greatest or most complete or best possible; "maximal expansion"; "maximum pressure".

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