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CONNECTED, adjective. (usually with "well-"): Having favorable rapport with a powerful entity.
CONNECTED, adjective. (mathematics) (topology) (of a topological space) That cannot be partitioned into two nonempty open sets.
CONNECTED, adjective. (mathematics) (graph theory) (of a directed graph) Having a path, either directed or undirected, connecting every pair of vertices.
CONNECTED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of connect
CONNECTED COMPONENT, noun. (topology and graph theory) A connected subset that is, moreover, maximal with respect to being connected.
CONNECTED COMPONENTS, noun. Plural of connected component
CONNECTED GRAPH, noun. (mathematics) A graph in which there is a route of edges and nodes between each two nodes.
CONNECTED PAWN, noun. (chess) Any of the pawns in a group of pawns of the same color on adjacent files.
CONNECTED PAWNS, noun. Plural of connected pawn
CONNECTED SPACE, noun. (mathematics) Any topological space which cannot be written as the disjoint union of two or more nonempty open spaces.
CONNECTED SPACES, noun. Plural of connected space
CONNECTED THE DOTS, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of connect the dots

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CONNECTED, adjective. Being joined in close association; "affiliated clubs"; "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities".
CONNECTED, adjective. Joined or linked together.
CONNECTED, adjective. Wired together to an alarm system; "all the window alarms are connected".
CONNECTED, adjective. Plugged in; "first check to see whether the appliance is connected".
CONNECTED, adjective. Stored in, controlled by, or in direct communication with a central computer.

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