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POLITICALLY, adverb. In a political manner
POLITICALLY, adverb. Regarding politics, in a way connected to politics
POLITICALLY CORRECT, adjective. (politics) Possessing or conforming to the correct political positions; following the official policies of the government or a political party.
POLITICALLY CORRECT, adjective. (idiom) (sometimes pejorative) (of language) Avoiding offense based on demographics especially race, sex, religion, ideology, sexuality, disability, or social grouping
POLITICALLY CORRECT, adjective. (idiom) (politics) (usually pejorative) Possessing stereotypical left-wing social and political views.
POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS, noun. (rare) Political correctness.
POLITICALLY INCORRECT, adjective. Not politically correct; considered to be disrespectful to a particular group of people.

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POLITICALLY, adverb. With regard to social relationships involving authority; "politically correct clothing".
POLITICALLY, adverb. With regard to government; "politically organized units".

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