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SENSITIVE, adjective. Having the faculty of sensation; pertaining to the senses.
SENSITIVE, adjective. Responsive to stimuli.
SENSITIVE, adjective. Of a person, easily offended, upset or hurt.
SENSITIVE, adjective. Of an issue, capable of offending, upsetting or hurting.
SENSITIVE, adjective. Accurate (instrument).
SENSITIVE, noun. One with a paranormal sensitivity to something that most cannot perceive.
SENSITIVE FERN, noun. Onoclea sensibilis, a coarse-textured, medium to large-sized deciduous perennial fern.

Dictionary definition

SENSITIVE, noun. Someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead; "he consulted several mediums".
SENSITIVE, adjective. Responsive to physical stimuli; "a mimosa's leaves are sensitive to touch"; "a sensitive voltmeter"; "sensitive skin"; "sensitive to light".
SENSITIVE, adjective. Being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others; "sensitive to the local community and its needs".
SENSITIVE, adjective. Able to feel or perceive; "even amoeba are sensible creatures"; "the more sensible parts of the skin".
SENSITIVE, adjective. Hurting; "the tender spot on his jaw".
SENSITIVE, adjective. Of or pertaining to classified information or matters affecting national security.

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