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SUBSTRATE, noun. (biochemistry) What an enzyme acts upon.
SUBSTRATE, noun. (biology) A surface on which an organism grows, or to which an organism or an item is attached.
SUBSTRATE, noun. An underlying layer; a substratum.
SUBSTRATE, noun. (linguistics) A language that is replaced in a population by another language and that influences the language imposed on its speakers.
SUBSTRATE, noun. (plating) A metal which is plated with another metal which has different physical properties.
SUBSTRATE, noun. (construction) A surface to which a substance adheres.
SUBSTRATE, noun. The substance lining the bottom edge of an enclosure.
SUBSTRATE, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To strew or lay under.
SUBSTRATE, adjective. Having very slight furrows.

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SUBSTRATE, noun. The substance that is acted upon by an enzyme or ferment.
SUBSTRATE, noun. A surface on which an organism grows or is attached; "the gardener talked about the proper substrate for acid-loving plants".
SUBSTRATE, noun. Any stratum or layer lying underneath another.
SUBSTRATE, noun. An indigenous language that contributes features to the language of an invading people who impose their language on the indigenous population; "the Celtic languages of Britain are a substrate for English".

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