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NEURAL, adjective. (biology) Of, or relating to the nerves, neurons or the nervous system.
NEURAL, adjective. (computing) Modelled on the arrangement of neurons in the brain.
NEURAL CANAL, noun. (anatomy) a canal formed by neural arches of vertebrae. Houses the spinal cord.
NEURAL CANALS, noun. Plural of neural canal
NEURAL CREST, noun. (embryology) A strip of ectodermal material in the early vertebrate embryo inserted between the prospective neural plate and the epidermis.
NEURAL NETWORK, noun. (artificial intelligence) A real or virtual computer system designed to emulate the brain in its ability to "learn" to assess imprecise data.
NEURAL NETWORK, noun. (anatomy) Any network of neurons etc that function together to achieve a common purpose.
NEURAL NETWORKS, noun. Plural of neural network
NEURAL PLATE, noun. (anatomy) a thick, flat bundle of ectoderm formed in vertebrate embryos after induction by the notochord
NEURAL TUBE, noun. (anatomy) hollow longitudinal dorsal tube formed in the folding and subsequent fusion of the opposite ectodermal folds in the embryo that gives rise to the brain and spinal cord

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NEURAL, adjective. Of or relating to the nervous system; "nervous disease"; "neural disorder".
NEURAL, adjective. Of or relating to neurons; "neural network".

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