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CEREBRAL, adjective. (anatomy) (medicine) Of, or relating to the brain or cerebral cortex of the brain.
CEREBRAL, adjective. Intellectual rather than emotional.
CEREBRAL, adjective. (linguistics) (obsolete) Retroflex.
CEREBRAL AQUEDUCT, noun. The channel in the brain which connects the third ventricle to the fourth ventricle. It is surrounded by the periaqueductal gray.
CEREBRAL AQUEDUCTS, noun. Plural of cerebral aqueduct
CEREBRAL CORTEX, noun. (neuroanatomy) The grey, folded, outermost layer of the cerebrum that is responsible for higher brain processes such as sensation, voluntary muscle movement, thought, reasoning, and memory.
CEREBRAL CORTEXES, noun. Plural of cerebral cortex
CEREBRAL CORTICES, noun. Plural of cerebral cortex
CEREBRAL EDEMA, noun. An excess accumulation of water in the intra- and/or extra-cellular spaces of the brain.
CEREBRAL EDEMAS, noun. Plural of cerebral edema
CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE, noun. (neuroanatomy) One of the two regions of the brain that are delineated by the body's median plane.
CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES, noun. Plural of cerebral hemisphere
CEREBRAL LOCALISATION, noun. (physiology) Alternative spelling of cerebral localization
CEREBRAL LOCALISATIONS, noun. Plural of cerebral localisation
CEREBRAL LOCALIZATION, noun. (physiology) The localization of the control of special functions, as of sight or of the various movements of the body, in special regions of the brain.
CEREBRAL LOCALIZATIONS, noun. Plural of cerebral localization
CEREBRAL OXIMETRY, noun. A noninvasive method of measuring oxygen metabolism in the brain.
CEREBRAL PALSY, noun. (neurology) (pathology) A group of non-progressive, non-contagious conditions, caused by brain damage before birth or during infancy, characterized by impairment of muscular coordination.

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CEREBRAL, adjective. Involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct; "a cerebral approach to the problem"; "cerebral drama".
CEREBRAL, adjective. Of or relating to the cerebrum or brain; "cerebral hemisphere"; "cerebral activity".

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