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BLEEDING, verb. Present participle of bleed
BLEEDING, adjective. Losing blood
BLEEDING, adjective. (UK) (slang) (used as an intensifier) extreme, outright
BLEEDING, adverb. (UK) (slang) (used as an intensifier) Extremely.
BLEEDING, noun. The flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel.
BLEEDING, noun. (medicine) (historical) bloodletting
BLEEDING DRY, verb. Present participle of bleed dry
BLEEDING EDGE, noun. (idiomatic) Something very current or modern, where there may actually be a hazard or risk in using it; bleeding-edge software, for example, is potentially unstable.
BLEEDING EDGES, noun. Plural of bleeding edge
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Any of various perennial plants, of the family Papaveraceae, subfamily Fumarioideae, often having pink heart-shaped flowers, including:
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Lamprocapnos spectabilis (formerly Dicentra spectabilis), a popular garden plant with arching sprays of pendent red and white (or pure white) flowers.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Dicentra, a genus native to eastern Asia and North America, some species with colors and shape similar to Lamprocapnos spectabilis.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Ehrendorferia, a genus native to California, usually with yellow flowers of similar shape.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Dactylicapnos, a genus native to Himalayas and mountainous areas of South China, Burma and Vietnam, usually with yellow flowers of similar shape.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. Flowering shrubs, lianas, or small trees of the mint family Lamiaceae, in the genus Clerodendrum.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. The bleeding heart tree, Homalanthus populifolius, an Australian rainforest plant.
BLEEDING HEART, noun. A person considered to be over-sympathetic to the plight of the underprivileged, exploited, helpless, or to casualties of circumstance.
BLEEDING HEARTS, noun. Plural of bleeding heart
BLEEDING HECK, interjection. (UK) (slang) minced oath for bleeding hell.
BLEEDING HELL, interjection. (UK) (slang) (mildly blasphemous) Expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
BLEEDING LIKE A STUCK HOG, verb. Present participle of bleed like a stuck hog
BLEEDING LIKE A STUCK PIG, verb. Present participle of bleed like a stuck pig
BLEEDING OUT, verb. Present participle of bleed out
BLEEDING TIME, noun. (medicine) The time it takes for bleeding to stop in a bleeding time test.
BLEEDING TIME TEST, noun. (medicine) A test used to assess the ability of a person's blood to clot, carried out by cutting the skin and measuring the time it takes for the resulting bleeding to stop.
BLEEDING TIME TESTS, noun. Plural of bleeding time test
BLEEDING TIMES, noun. Plural of bleeding time
BLEEDING TOOTH FUNGUS, noun. The fungus 'Hydnellum peckii.
BLEEDING WHITE, verb. Present participle of bleed white

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BLEEDING, noun. The flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel.

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