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ABDOMINAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to the abdomen; ventral. [Mid 18th century.]
ABDOMINAL, adjective. (ichthyology) Having the ventral fins under the abdomen and behind the pectoral fins. [Mid 19th century.]
ABDOMINAL, adjective. (ichthyology) Ventral, in describing a fin. [Late 19th century.]
ABDOMINAL, adjective. (zoology) (obsolete) Belonging to the order Abdominales of fish.
ABDOMINAL, noun. (zoology) (obsolete) A fish of the order Abdominales.
ABDOMINAL, noun. (colloquial) (usually pluralonly) An abdominal muscle. [Mid 20th century.]
ABDOMINAL BREATHING, noun. Alternative term for diaphragmatic breathing
ABDOMINAL CAVITIES, noun. Plural of abdominal cavity
ABDOMINAL CAVITY, noun. (anatomy) The hollow portion of the torso within the abdomen, containing the abdominal organs, in mammals below the diaphragm.
ABDOMINAL DECOMPRESSION, noun. (medical) During childbirth, a technique in which the abdomen is surrounded by a chamber and has the pressure decreased intermittently, to assist the uterus in its task.
ABDOMINAL DECOMPRESSIONS, noun. Plural of abdominal decompression
ABDOMINAL EVISCERATION, noun. The presence of the viscera outside of the body, typically through a wound
ABDOMINAL FIN, noun. (ichthyology) One of the posterior paired fins of fishes; pelvic fin; ventral fin.
ABDOMINAL FINS, noun. (ichthyology) plural of abdominal fin
ABDOMINAL GESTATION, noun. (medical) A pregnancy outside of the uterus, and within the abdominal cavity.
ABDOMINAL GESTATIONS, noun. Plural of abdominal gestation
ABDOMINAL INGUINAL RING, noun. (anatomy) The upper opening of the inguinal canal.
ABDOMINAL INGUINAL RINGS, noun. Plural of abdominal inguinal ring
ABDOMINAL MIGRAINE, noun. (pathology) A variant of migraine in which the pain occurs in the stomach rather than the head.
ABDOMINAL MIGRAINES, noun. Plural of abdominal migraine
ABDOMINAL MUSCLE, noun. (often pluralonly) A group of four muscles that form the abdominal wall.
ABDOMINAL MUSCLES, noun. Plural of abdominal muscle
ABDOMINAL PORE, noun. (ichthyology) A pair of sphincters near the cloaca that allow for communication between the abdominal cavity and the exterior.
ABDOMINAL POUCH, noun. A pouch on the abdomen of marsupials, that covers the mammary glands; marsupium.
ABDOMINAL POUCHES, noun. Plural of abdominal pouch
ABDOMINAL QUADRANT, noun. (medical) (usually pluralonly) Rough divisions of the abdominal cavity formed by placing the umbilicus at the center of the horizontal and vertical dividing lines.
ABDOMINAL QUADRANTS, noun. Plural of abdominal quadrant
ABDOMINAL REFLEX, noun. (medical) An involuntary contraction of the abdominal wall with stimulus of the covering epidermis.
ABDOMINAL REFLEXES, noun. Plural of abdominal reflex
ABDOMINAL REGION, noun. (anatomy) One of the nine areas that the abdomen is divided into.
ABDOMINAL REGIONS, noun. (anatomy) plural of abdominal region
ABDOMINAL RESPIRATION, noun. Inspiration and expiration controlled by the diaphragm; diaphragmatic respiration.
ABDOMINAL RIB, noun. (herpetology) Any of the riblike structures that cross the abdomen in lizards.
ABDOMINAL RIBS, noun. (herpetology) plural of abdominal rib
ABDOMINAL RING, noun. (anatomy) Either of the two openings in the abdominal muscle wall allowing the inguinal canal to pass through.
ABDOMINAL RING, noun. A form of body art wherein jewelry is placed in a cauterized puncture of the umbilicus.
ABDOMINAL RINGS, noun. Plural of abdominal ring
ABDOMINAL SECTION, noun. (surgery) An incision in the abdomen for surgery on any of the abdominal organs.
ABDOMINAL SECTIONS, noun. Plural of abdominal section
ABDOMINAL WALL, noun. The layer of muscles that surrounds the abdominal cavity and contains the abdominal organs.
ABDOMINAL WALLS, noun. Plural of abdominal wall

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ABDOMINAL, noun. The muscles of the abdomen.
ABDOMINAL, adjective. Of or relating to or near the abdomen; "abdominal muscles".

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