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DIAGNOSTIC, adjective. Of, or relating to diagnosis
DIAGNOSTIC, adjective. Characteristic of a particular disease
DIAGNOSTIC, noun. A technique etc. used in medical diagnosis
DIAGNOSTIC, noun. (computing) Any tool or technique used to find the root of a problem
DIAGNOSTIC DRAWING SERIES, proper noun. A standardized art therapy assessment in which the artist/patient is asked to draw three pictures.
DIAGNOSTIC DRAWING SERIES, proper noun. An international collaborative project on how people tend to draw.
DIAGNOSTIC OVERSHADOWING, noun. The mistaken attribution of signs and symptoms of a medical condition to a pre-existing known condition.

Dictionary definition

DIAGNOSTIC, adjective. Concerned with diagnosis; used for furthering diagnosis; "a diagnostic reading test".
DIAGNOSTIC, adjective. Characteristic or indicative of a disease; "a diagnostic sign of yellow fever"; "a rash symptomatic of scarlet fever"; "symptomatic of insanity"; "a rise in crime symptomatic of social breakdown".

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