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REVISION, noun. (uncountable) The process of revising:
REVISION, noun. The action or process of reviewing, editing and amending.
REVISION, noun. (UK) (Australia) (New Zealand) The action or process of reviewing something previously learned, especially one′s notes in preparation for a test or examination.
REVISION, noun. (countable) A changed edition, or new version; a modification.
REVISION, noun. (countable) A story corrected or expanded by a writer commissioned by the original author.
REVISION, verb. To provide with a new vision.

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REVISION, noun. The act of revising or altering (involving reconsideration and modification); "it would require a drastic revision of his opinion".
REVISION, noun. The act of rewriting something.
REVISION, noun. Something that has been written again; "the rewrite was much better".

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