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DIRECTIVE, noun. An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal.
DIRECTIVE, noun. An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force.
DIRECTIVE, noun. (European Union law) A form of legislative act addressed to the Member States. The directive binds the Member State to reach certain objectives in their national legislation.
DIRECTIVE, noun. The directive case.
DIRECTIVE, adjective. That directs
DIRECTIVE, adjective. Serving to direct, indicate, or guide.
DIRECTIVE, adjective. (grammar) relating to the directive case

Dictionary definition

DIRECTIVE, noun. A pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives".
DIRECTIVE, adjective. Showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on; "felt his mother's directing arm around him"; "the directional role of science on industrial progress".

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