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DECISION, noun. The act of deciding.
DECISION, noun. A choice or judgement.
DECISION, noun. (uncountable) Firmness of conviction.
DECISION, noun. (chiefly combat sports) A result arrived at by the judges when there is no clear winner at the end of the contest.
DECISION, noun. (baseball) A win or a loss awarded to a pitcher.
DECISION, verb. (boxing) To defeat an opponent by a decision of the judges, rather than by a knockout
DECISION FATIGUE, noun. (psychology) The deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making.
DECISION HEIGHT, noun. (aviation) The height at which a pilot must decide whether to land on the runway or to perform a go around maneuver.
DECISION MAKING, noun. The process of reaching a decision.
DECISION MARKET, noun. Prediction market
DECISION PROBLEM, noun. (comptheory) A question in some formal system with a yes-or-no answer, depending on the values of input parameters.
DECISION PROBLEMS, noun. Plural of decision problem
DECISION THEOLOGY, noun. (Christianity) A theology that stresses the importance of the decision to become a Christian for salvation. Often this decision takes the form of the sinner's prayer.
DECISION TREE, noun. A visualization of a complex decision-making situation in which the possible decisions and their likely outcomes are organized in the form of a graph that resembles a tree.
DECISION TREES, noun. Plural of decision tree

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DECISION, noun. The act of making up your mind about something; "the burden of decision was his"; "he drew his conclusions quickly".
DECISION, noun. A position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration; "a decision unfavorable to the opposition"; "his conclusion took the evidence into account"; "satisfied with the panel's determination".
DECISION, noun. (boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred; "had little trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his opponent".
DECISION, noun. The outcome of a game or contest; "the team dropped three decisions in a row".
DECISION, noun. The trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose; "a man of unusual decisiveness".

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