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PUNCH, noun. (countable) A hit or strike with one's fist.
PUNCH, noun. (uncountable) Power, strength, energy.
PUNCH, noun. (uncountable) Impact.
PUNCH, noun. (uncountable) A button (of a joypad, joystick or similar device) causing a video game character to punch.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) To strike with one's fist.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) (of cattle) To herd.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) To operate (a device or system) by depressing a button, key, bar, or pedal, or by similar means.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) To enter (information) on a device or system.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) To hit (a ball or similar object) with less than full force.
PUNCH, verb. (transitive) To make holes in something (rail ticket, leather belt, etc)
PUNCH, verb. To thrust against; to poke.
PUNCH, noun. (countable) A device, generally slender and round, used for creating holes in thin material, for driving an object through a hole in a containing object, or to stamp or emboss a mark or design on a surface.
PUNCH, noun. (countable) A mechanism for punching holes in paper or other thin material.
PUNCH, noun. (countable) A hole or opening created with a punch
PUNCH, noun. (piledriving) An extension piece applied to the top of a pile; a dolly.
PUNCH, noun. A prop, as for the roof of a mine.
PUNCH, verb. To employ a punch to create a hole in or stamp or emboss a mark on something.
PUNCH, verb. To mark a ticket.
PUNCH, noun. (uncountable) A beverage, generally containing a mixture of fruit juice and some other beverage, often alcoholic.
PUNCH, proper noun. (British) A glove puppet who is the main character used in a Punch and Judy show.
PUNCH ABOVE ONE'S WEIGHT, verb. (idiomatic) To achieve or perform at a higher level than would be expected based on one's preparation, attributes, rank, or past accomplishments.
PUNCH AND JUDY, noun. A traditional sideshow often found at seaside resorts, consisting of various glove puppets operated by one man in a small tent style booth theatre.
PUNCH AND JUDY, noun. (attributive) A two sided ideological battle, or contradictory arguing.
PUNCH BELOW ONE'S WEIGHT, verb. (chiefly UK) (idiomatic) To achieve or perform at a level lower than should be expected based on one's preparation, attributes, rank, or past accomplishments.
PUNCH BOWL, noun. Alternative spelling of punchbowl
PUNCH BOWL WATERFALL, noun. A waterfall formed when a stream is forced through a constricted channel and descends outward into a plunge basin forming a plunge pool.
PUNCH BOWL WATERFALLS, noun. Plural of punch bowl waterfall
PUNCH BUGGY, noun. (informal) A game in which the first player to call "Punch buggy!" on sighting a Volkswagen Beetle gets to punch the other.
PUNCH CARD, noun. A card that can have holes or notches cut in it, especially one for storing data, that can be sorted according to combinations of holes present or absent.
PUNCH CARD, noun. (computing) Such a card, the size of a US dollar bill, having 80 columns of 12 rows used in early mainframe computers.
PUNCH CARD, noun. A card given to a customer and punched with a hole at each purchase, allowing a reward to be claimed when fully punched.
PUNCH CARDS, noun. Plural of punch card
PUNCH CLOCK, noun. A device that records, on timecards, the times that employees start and finish work.
PUNCH CLOCKS, noun. Plural of punch clock
PUNCH DRUNK, adjective. Dizzy or confused due to repeat blows to the head.
PUNCH DRUNK, adjective. Behaving in a bewildered, or dazed manner.
PUNCH FIST, verb. To penetrate the anus or vagina with a clenched fist (as opposed to with a beak-shaped hand position)
PUNCH FISTED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of punch fist
PUNCH FISTING, verb. Present participle of punch fist
PUNCH FISTS, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of punch fist
PUNCH IN, verb. (intransitive) To enter a workplace by punching a time card
PUNCH IN, verb. (sports) (slang) To score.
PUNCH LINE, noun. The final part of a joke; the word, sentence, or exchange of sentences that is intended to be funny and provokes laughter from the listeners.
PUNCH LINE, noun. More generally, a final, concluding statement that an explanation has been leading up to.
PUNCH LINES, noun. Plural of punch line
PUNCH LIST, noun. (US) The list of repairs and finish work required to complete a project, such as the construction of a building; a list of problems to correct.
PUNCH LISTS, noun. Plural of punch list
PUNCH OUT, verb. (transitive) To repeatedly hit a person
PUNCH OUT, verb. (transitive) To hit so they become unconscious (knocked out)
PUNCH OUT, verb. (transitive) To use a punch to remove a piece of material or to remove a piece already scored.
PUNCH OUT, verb. (intransitive) To leave a workplace by punching a timecard
PUNCH OUT, verb. (intransitive) To leave a workplace
PUNCH OUT, verb. (intransitive) To eject from an airplane.
PUNCH OUT, verb. (transitive) (baseball) To rule (by an umpire) that a pitch is a called third strike, often done emphatically.
PUNCH OUT, verb. (transitive) (baseball) To throw a called third strike.
PUNCH OUT, noun. (baseball) An instance of a called third strike.
PUNCH OUTS, noun. Plural of punch out
PUNCH UP, noun. Alternative spelling of punch-up

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PUNCH, noun. (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose".
PUNCH, noun. An iced mixed drink usually containing alcohol and prepared for multiple servings; normally served in a punch bowl.
PUNCH, noun. A tool for making holes or indentations.
PUNCH, verb. Deliver a quick blow to; "he punched me in the stomach".
PUNCH, verb. Drive forcibly as if by a punch; "the nail punched through the wall".
PUNCH, verb. Make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation; "perforate the sheets of paper".

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