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GLOVE, noun. An item of clothing other than a mitten, covering all or part of the hand and fingers, but allowing independent movement of the fingers.
GLOVE, noun. A baseball mitt.
GLOVE, noun. (baseball) (figuratively) The ability to catch a hit ball.
GLOVE, noun. (slang) A condom.
GLOVE, verb. (baseball) (transitive) To catch the ball in a baseball mitt.
GLOVE, verb. (transitive) To put on a glove.
GLOVE, verb. (cricket) To touch a delivery with one's glove while the gloved hand is on the bat. Under the rules of cricket, the batsman is deemed to have hit the ball.
GLOVE BOX, noun. (automotive) A small compartment with a door on the dashboard of a car, usually on passenger side, to store (and sometime lock) items.
GLOVE BOX, noun. A plastic box or similar enclosure containing a controlled environment, with rubber gloves fastened around holes in the front of the box through which a person can manipulate things in the box without introducing outside contamination; an isolator.
GLOVE BOXES, noun. Plural of glove box
GLOVE COMPARTMENT, noun. (automotive) A compartment recessed in an automobile’s dashboard, that usually has a door and can be locked, intended to hold gloves, papers, etc.
GLOVE COMPARTMENTS, noun. Plural of glove compartment
GLOVE PUPPET, noun. A type of puppet normally worn on the hand like a glove.
GLOVE SPONGE, noun. A fine and soft variety of commercial sponges (Spongia officinalis).

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GLOVE, noun. The handwear used by fielders in playing baseball.
GLOVE, noun. Handwear: covers the hand and wrist.
GLOVE, noun. Boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing.

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