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TOSS, noun. A throw, a lob, of a ball etc., with an initial upward direction, particularly with a lack of care.
TOSS, noun. (cricket) (football) The toss of a coin before a cricket match in order to decide who bats first, or before a football match in order to decide the direction of play.
TOSS, noun. (British) (slang) A jot, in the phrase 'give a toss'.
TOSS, verb. To throw with an initial upward direction.
TOSS, verb. To lift with a sudden or violent motion.
TOSS, verb. To agitate; to make restless.
TOSS, verb. To subject to trials; to harass.
TOSS, verb. To flip a coin, to decide a point of contention.
TOSS, verb. To discard: to toss out
TOSS, verb. To stir or mix (a salad).
TOSS, verb. (British) (slang) To masturbate
TOSS, verb. (transitive) (informal) To search (a room or a cell), sometimes leaving visible disorder, as for valuables or evidence of a crime.
TOSS, verb. (intransitive) To roll and tumble; to be in violent commotion.
TOSS, verb. (intransitive) To be tossed, as a fleet on the ocean.
TOSS, verb. (obsolete) To keep in play; to tumble over.
TOSS, verb. (rowing) To peak (the oars), to lift them from the rowlocks and hold them perpendicularly, the handle resting on the bottom of the boat.
TOSS A BONE TO, verb. Alternative form of throw a bone to
TOSS A COIN, verb. To flick a coin spinning in to the air, in order to use the resultant upturned side for making a decision.
TOSS AND TURN, verb. (of someone lying down, asleep or attempting to sleep) to be constantly moving, unable to lie still
TOSS AROUND, verb. (Discuss([/2016/?action=edit&section=new&preloadtitle=%5B%5BToss+around%5D%5D +]) this sense) To offer for suggestion.
TOSS AROUND, verb. Used other than as an idiom: see To toss (throw) from one person to another..
TOSS CAUTION TO THE WIND, verb. Alternative form of throw caution to the wind
TOSS JUGGLING, noun. (juggling) Form of juggling that involves throwing props in the air and catching them, in contrast to contact juggling.
TOSS OFF, verb. To drink up rapidly.
TOSS OFF, verb. To assemble hastily.
TOSS OFF, verb. (British) (vulgar) (slang) To masturbate.
TOSS ONE'S COOKIES, verb. (slang) To vomit.
TOSS ONE'S HAT IN THE RING, verb. Alternative form of throw one's hat in the ring
TOSS ONE'S HAT INTO THE RING, verb. Alternative form of throw one's hat in the ring
TOSS ONE'S NAME IN THE HAT, verb. Alternative form of put one's name in the hat
TOSS SALAD, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To perform anilingus.
TOSS SOMEONE'S SALAD, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To perform anilingus.
TOSS TO THE WIND, verb. Alternative form of throw to the wind
TOSS UP, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) To make a decision based on chance, for example by flipping a coin or rolling a dice.
TOSS UP, verb. (intransitive) To throw something upwards.
TOSS UP, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To produce, generate.
TOSS UP, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To cook something quickly.
TOSS UP, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To casually mention as an idea

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TOSS, noun. The act of flipping a coin.
TOSS, noun. (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team; "the pass was fumbled".
TOSS, noun. An abrupt movement; "a toss of his head".
TOSS, verb. Throw or toss with a light motion; "flip me the beachball"; "toss me newspaper".
TOSS, verb. Lightly throw to see which side comes up; "I don't know what to do--I may as well flip a coin!".
TOSS, verb. Throw carelessly; "chuck the ball".
TOSS, verb. Move or stir about violently; "The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed".
TOSS, verb. Throw or cast away; "Put away your worries".
TOSS, verb. Agitate; "toss the salad".

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