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OPENER, noun. A device that opens something; specifically a tin-opener/can-opener, or a bottle opener.
OPENER, noun. (card games) The player who starts the betting.
OPENER, noun. (card games) (in plural openers) Cards of sufficient value to enable a player to open the betting.
OPENER, noun. (theater) The first act in a variety show.
OPENER, noun. (Islam) Fatiha
OPENER, noun. (cricket) A batsman who normally plays in the first two positions of an innings.
OPENER, noun. (colloquial) The first in a series of events, items etc.; the first remark or sentence of a conversation.
OPENER, noun. (sports) The first game played in a competition
OPENER, noun. (sports) The first goal or point scored.

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OPENER, noun. The first event in a series; "she played Chopin for her opener"; "the season's opener was a game against the Yankees".
OPENER, noun. A person who unfastens or unwraps or opens; "children are talented undoers of their shoelaces".
OPENER, noun. A hand tool used for opening sealed containers (bottles or cans).

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