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WILDCAT, noun. A cat that lives in the wilderness, specifically
WILDCAT, noun. (UK) Felis silvestris, a common small Old World wild cat somewhat larger than a house cat.
WILDCAT, noun. (US) A bobcat (Lynx rufus) or other similar New World species of lynx.
WILDCAT, noun. Any feral cat.
WILDCAT, noun. (uncommon) Alternative spelling of wild cat, any undomesticated felid, as tigers or lions.
WILDCAT, noun. (figurative) A person who acts like a wildcat, (usually) a violent and easily-angered person or a sexually vigorous one.
WILDCAT, noun. (American football) An offensive formation with an unbalanced line and a snap directly to the running back rather than the quarterback.
WILDCAT, noun. (nautical) A wheel that can be adjusted so as to revolve either with or on the shaft of a capstan.
WILDCAT, noun. (firearms) Short for wildcat cartridge, a customized or hand-made cartridge.
WILDCAT, noun. (uncommon) Short for wildcat strike, a strike undertaken without authorization from the relevant trade union.
WILDCAT, noun. (obsolete) Short for wildcat money, notes issued by a wildcat bank.
WILDCAT, adjective. (usually pejorative) Of or concerning businesses operating outside standard or legitimate practice, especially:
WILDCAT, adjective. (pejorative) (dated) Of or concerning irresponsible banks or banking, (particularly) small, independent operations.
WILDCAT, adjective. Of or concerning oil exploration in new areas, (particularly) small, independent operations.
WILDCAT, adjective. Of or concerning actions undertaken by workers without approval or in defiance of the formal leadership of their trade unions.
WILDCAT, adjective. (firearms) Of or concerning customized or hand-made cartridges.
WILDCAT, adjective. Unauthorized by the proper authorities.
WILDCAT, verb. To drill for oil in an area where no oil has been found before.
WILDCAT STRIKE, noun. (organised labour) a labour strike that has not been authorized by the leaders of the union
WILDCAT STRIKES, noun. Plural of wildcat strike

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WILDCAT, noun. An exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field.
WILDCAT, noun. A cruelly rapacious person.
WILDCAT, noun. Any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild.
WILDCAT, adjective. Outside the bounds of legitimate or ethical business practices; "wildcat currency issued by irresponsible banks"; "wildcat stock speculation"; "a wildcat airline"; "wildcat life insurance schemes".
WILDCAT, adjective. Without official authorization; "an unauthorized strike"; "wildcat work stoppage".
WILDCAT, adjective. (of a mine or oil well) drilled speculatively in an area not known to be productive; "drilling there would be strictly a wildcat operation"; "a wildcat mine"; "wildcat drilling"; "wildcat wells".

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