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BENGAL, proper noun. A region in the Indian subcontinent which is today divided between Bangladesh and India (particularly the state of West Bengal).
BENGAL, noun. A short-haired domestic cat breed, which originated in the United States.
BENGAL, noun. A cat of this breed.
BENGAL, noun. (American football) A player on the team The Cincinnati Bengals.
BENGAL FOX, noun. Vulpes bengalensis, a fox endemic to the Indian subcontinent.
BENGAL FOXES, noun. Plural of Bengal fox
BENGAL LIGHT, noun. A bright blue flare, formerly used in signalling, but now chiefly as fireworks.
BENGAL LIGHTS, noun. Plural of Bengal light
BENGAL STRIPES, noun. A kind of cotton cloth woven with coloured stripes.
BENGAL TIGER, noun. A tiger of the subspecies Panthera tigris tigris found in various parts of the Indian subcontinent.
BENGAL TIGERS, noun. Plural of Bengal tiger

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BENGAL, noun. A region whose eastern part is now Bangladesh and whose western part is included in India.

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