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HIMALAYAN, adjective. Of or relating to the Himalayas.
HIMALAYAN, adjective. (figuratively) huge, gigantic, enormously large
HIMALAYAN, noun. An inhabitant of the Himalayas.
HIMALAYAN, noun. A domestic cat breed similar to (and, in some places, considered a variety of) the Persian breed.
HIMALAYAN BLACKBERRIES, noun. Plural of Himalayan blackberry
HIMALAYAN BLACKBERRY, noun. Rubus armeniacus, a blackberry species native to Southwest Asia
HIMALAYAN FIELD RAT, noun. A rat that lives in the Himalayas and southeast Asia; taxonomic name Rattus nitidus.
HIMALAYAN FIELD RATS, noun. Plural of Himalayan field rat
HIMALAYAN GRIFFON VULTURE, noun. An Old World vulture, Gyps himalayensis.
HIMALAYAN GRIFFON VULTURES, noun. Plural of Himalayan griffon vulture
HIMALAYAN MARMOT, noun. A marmot living on the Himalayan mountains, Marmota himalayana; closely related to the groundhog.
HIMALAYAN MARMOTS, noun. Plural of Himalayan marmot
HIMALAYAN SHREW, noun. An Asian species of shrew, Soriculus nigrescens.
HIMALAYAN SHREWS, noun. Plural of Himalayan shrew
HIMALAYAN STRIPED SQUIRREL, noun. An Asiatic striped squirrel, Tamiops mcclellandii.
HIMALAYAN STRIPED SQUIRRELS, noun. Plural of Himalayan striped squirrel

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HIMALAYAN, adjective. Of or relating to the Himalayas; "Himalayan peaks".

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