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TECTONIC, adjective. Of or relating to construction or to architecture
TECTONIC, adjective. (biology) structural
TECTONIC, adjective. (geology) of, relating to, or caused by large-scale movements of the Earth's lithosphere
TECTONIC PLATE, noun. (geology) any of several large pieces of the Earth's lithosphere which participate in plate tectonics
TECTONIC PLATES, noun. Plural of tectonic plate
TECTONIC UPLIFT, noun. The raising of a geographical area as a consequence of plate tectonics.
TECTONIC UPLIFTS, noun. Plural of tectonic uplift

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TECTONIC, adjective. Pertaining to the structure or movement of the earth's crust; "tectonic plates"; "tectonic valleys".
TECTONIC, adjective. Of or pertaining to construction or architecture.

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