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BOUNDARY, noun. The dividing line or location between two areas.
BOUNDARY, noun. (cricket) An edge or line marking an edge of the playing field.
BOUNDARY, noun. (cricket) An event whereby the ball is struck and either touches or passes over a boundary (with or without bouncing), usually resulting in an award of 4 (a four) or 6 (a six) runs respectively for the batting team.
BOUNDARY, noun. (topology) (of a set) The set of points in the closure of a set \(S\), not belonging to the interior of that set.
BOUNDARY RIDER, noun. (Australia) A person employed to travel along the boundary of a station, to check and maintain the fencing.
BOUNDARY RIDER, noun. (Australia) (sports) (Australian rules football) A commentator on Australian rules football games who reports from the boundary of the field of play, and interviews players on the interchange bench as well as coaching and medical staff.
BOUNDARY RIDERS, noun. Plural of boundary rider
BOUNDARY UMPIRE, noun. (Australian rules football) A match official who decides when the ball has over the boundary line (out of bounds), and whether it was on the full from a kick. (Under the rules as of 2007, a free kick results from on the full, or a throw-in otherwise.)
BOUNDARY UMPIRES, noun. Plural of boundary umpire

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BOUNDARY, noun. The line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something.
BOUNDARY, noun. A line determining the limits of an area.
BOUNDARY, noun. The greatest possible degree of something; "what he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior"; "to the limit of his ability".

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