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PERIODIC, adjective. Relative to a period or periods.
PERIODIC, adjective. Having repeated cycles.
PERIODIC, adjective. Occurring at regular intervals.
PERIODIC, adjective. Periodical.
PERIODIC, adjective. (astronomy) Pertaining to the revolution of a celestial object in its orbit.
PERIODIC, adjective. (mathematics) (stochastic processes) (of a state) For which any return to it must occur in multiples of \(k\) time steps, for some \(k>1\).
PERIODIC, adjective. (rhetoric) Having a structure characterized by periodic sentences.
PERIODIC, adjective. (chemistry) Relating to, derived from, or designating, the highest oxygen acid (HIO) of iodine.
PERIODIC, adjective. Of or derived from a periodic acid.
PERIODIC ACID, noun. (inorganic compound) HIO4, the oxyacid of iodine in which iodine has the highest oxidation number; it is a white crystalline substance, and a strong oxidizing agent
PERIODIC COMET, noun. (astronomy) A comet which orbits the Sun and which returns to the innermost point of its orbit at known, regular intervals.
PERIODIC COMETS, noun. Plural of periodic comet
PERIODIC FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function whose value repeats after the regular addition of a period to its independent variable; i.e. f(x+t) = f(x) for some t over all x
PERIODIC FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of periodic function
PERIODIC LAW, noun. (chemistry) The principle that chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers
PERIODIC SENTENCE, noun. (rhetoric) A sentence whose main clause appears at its end.
PERIODIC STRUCTURE, noun. A sentence whose main clause appears at the end, after other, especially dependent, clauses.
PERIODIC STRUCTURES, noun. Plural of periodic structure
PERIODIC TABLE, noun. (chemistry) A tabular chart of the chemical elements according to their atomic numbers so that elements with similar properties are in the same column.
PERIODIC TABLES, noun. Plural of periodic table

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PERIODIC, adjective. Happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust".
PERIODIC, adjective. Recurring or reappearing from time to time; "periodic feelings of anxiety".

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