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RECIPROCAL, adjective. Of a feeling, action or such: mutual, uniformly felt or done by each party towards the other or others; two-way.
RECIPROCAL, adjective. Mutually interchangeable.
RECIPROCAL, adjective. (grammar) Reflexive; applied to pronouns and verbs, but sometimes limited to pronouns that express mutual action.
RECIPROCAL, adjective. (math) Used to denote different kinds of mutual relation; often with reference to the substitution of reciprocals for given quantities.
RECIPROCAL, adjective. Contrary or opposite
RECIPROCAL, noun. (arithmetic) Of a number, the number obtained by dividing 1 by the given number; the result of exchanging the numerator and the denominator of a fraction.
RECIPROCAL ALTRUISM, noun. (biology) Used in biology to describe the phenomenon of two animals acting in ways which mutually benefit one another.
RECIPROCAL ALTRUISMS, noun. Plural of reciprocal altruism
RECIPROCAL PRONOUN, noun. A pronoun referring to an antecedent in the plural, and expressing a mutual relation
RECIPROCAL PRONOUNS, noun. Plural of reciprocal pronoun

Dictionary definition

RECIPROCAL, noun. Something (a term or expression or concept) that has a reciprocal relation to something else; "risk is the reciprocal of safety".
RECIPROCAL, noun. (mathematics) one of a pair of numbers whose product is 1: the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2; the multiplicative inverse of 7 is 1/7.
RECIPROCAL, noun. Hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype.
RECIPROCAL, adjective. Concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return; "reciprocal aid"; "reciprocal trade"; "mutual respect"; "reciprocal privileges at other clubs".
RECIPROCAL, adjective. Of or relating to the multiplicative inverse of a quantity or function; "the reciprocal ratio of a:b is b:a".

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